The “half-full glass” perspective can affect almost every aspect of our lives, whether it is health, career, or relationships with other people. There are at least 10 reasons to help you become an optimist and see the world in more positive colors.

10 Reasons to Become an Optimist

1. There is scientific evidence that optimists live longer, faster recover their health after a serious illness, and are more self-confident.

2. Optimists tend to be happy in marriage. They also have a larger circle of acquaintances and friends.

3. These people are more successful in their careers and are always full of creative ideas. The optimist is more open to anything new and their mind tends to be free of stereotypes.

4. The optimist takes more from life, and in a way, they are luckier than others. In a case of failure, they quickly get over it and start all over again.

5. Optimism is particularly helpful in critical situations. Legendary traveler Alain Bombard who crossed the Atlantic Ocean all alone in a boat without food or water wrote in his book:

In the ocean, it is not loneliness, thirst, hunger, or sharks that kill people. The fear does“.

Our life is like an ocean. As Friedrich Nietzsche once said:

What does not kill us makes us stronger”.

6. People who think positively are almost always in a good mood. It does not mean that they never feel frustrated or overwhelmed, sometimes it happens.

But optimists have the ability to quickly regain their self-belief as well as to find the positive sides in a negative situation. They consider their defeats and failures temporary and passing, that is why they do not give up and reach their goals.

7. Positive thinking might affect your cognitive functions, too. Optimistic and balanced people tend to be more creative and attentive. They also have better memory and other cognitive abilities.

8. Optimists longer maintain youth and health. They believe that their health is in their hands. Scientific studies show that with help of positive thinking, the body’s defense becomes stronger.

The harmony of the soul is the base of the harmony of the body, and the harmony of the body is the best defense against disease. When the optimist falls ill, they devote all their energy to recovering. A positive attitude is replenished by the power of self-suggestion.

9. Optimists tend to be more successful financially and professionally. Where others see obstacles, they see opportunities. For them, any problem is some kind of opportunity, a small obstacle on the path to the goal, but not a burden.

10. Generally, optimists do not consider other people their enemies and find it easier to see good in those around them. Even if they are disappointed in someone, they do not transfer their frustration to other people. They are easy to agree with and have an open and friendly style of communication.

Now you see how nice is to be an optimist! 🙂 And it is really easy to become one! Check out these tips on developing positive thinking.

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