simple happinessAll people have a right to live a full, harmonious and happy life. But, unfortunately, not everyone turns to achieve a standard of living. The main reason is that often people do not do what gives them a real pleasure.

Do you want to feel happy every day? Keep in mind these  10 steps on the path to a harmonious life.

1. Start with the internal decision to be happy here and now. In order to be happy you need to know exactly what you want. Create deliberately the life you dream about.

2. Find your passion. This may be job, socializing with friends on a variety of topics, music, painting; whatever inspires you for self-development, for new creative ideas. Every day devote some time to your hobbies, and you will not notice that your life will be brighter and filled with joy.

3. Make a list of enjoyable activities. It is possible that you have not yet decided on your favorite activities. Then sit in a quiet environment, think on what you love to do and write down the list. When you feel sad, select from the list an activity depending on how much time you have. Thus, you can quickly lift your mood.

4. Express appreciation and gratitude as often as you can. When we express our gratitude, our wellbeing automatically improves. This is how the Law of Thanksgiving works. You can always find something you are grateful for, in spite of what is happening in your life. With the help of gratitude you expand your opportunities focusing on the positive aspects.

5. Spend time with your loved one, tell him how much he means to you. We are social creatures and all need to give and receive love. This is a natural human need. By expressing love we feel better.

6. When walking on the street in the morning, smile to new day and to to the energy we receive from our planet. We need to take care of our planet, because it is our only one. Every day we receive from it many gifts, but very often we take them for granted. Spending time in nature, we enjoy the beauty and these gifts and get charged with energy. Just look around and smile to the world and it will smile back to you.

7. Help others. When we help others and share with them our time, knowledge and money, we become happier. No matter whom you help, a friend or a stranger, the very act of assistance will raise your energy levels and you will feel the joy of self-realization.

8. Do not forget to smile. After all, smile is the easiest way to cheer up yourself and your neighbor. It causes an instant reaction – people always smile at you in response. Remember that the power of smile shortens the distance between people. Scientific evidence shows that people who often smile live longer and feel healthier!

9. Do good deeds. Acts of kindness are a kind of magic. Do to others unexpected gifts and pleasant surprises. Such moments will make you happier becase you will feel like a magician. Giving another person a piece of happiness, you make happy yourself first of all.

10. Every night at bedtime think about all the nice events that happened to you today. In the morning upon awakening think on the main intention of this day.

Make it a habit to focus on the positive things. You will feel like going back to childhood when you learn to enjoy small everyday things!

Happiness brings us a deeper understanding of ourselves. When we strive to become more cheerful and positive, we change not only ourselves but the world around us.

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