Here are the 10 most popular scenarios for the destruction of the world in 2012.

This disaster, which according to some people will occur at the end of the year, may take the form of an extraterrestrial attack or occur because of the destruction of the Sun, the Earth’s collision with another planet, or the climate change.

Let’s look at the truths and myths behind these apocalypse theories that attempt to describe what the destruction of the world could look like.

1. Alien attack

Those who believe that the Earth will be conquered by aliens mention many testimonials that include a controversial flying saucer crash in Roswell in Mexico, but also photos and video of mysterious flying objects.

Also, they add the official announcements of some governments that have been recording alien activity for more than 50 years. However, there is no evidence of something of this kind.

Even if they exist, are these all enough to convince us that one day, we will be captured by a race of humanoid with large black eyes?

Probability: 0.1 / 10

2. The planet Nibiru

Thousands of forums and web pages on the Internet retain the belief that sometime in the early 21st century, a planet, unknown until recently, will pass very close to us and will cause a massive planetary cataclysm.

The planet Nibiru was first mentioned in a book in the late 1960s by Zecharia Sitchin, who wrote that it is a planet of our solar system which has an unstable orbit and enters every 3700 years in the inner solar system. The author did not mention anywhere that Nibiru could threaten Earth.

Probability: 0.2 / 10

3. Mass terrorism losses

After September 11, 2001, and the deaths of around 3,000 people in New York and Washington, there has been a fear that al Qaeda or another terrorist network could destroy a major city in the West using weapons of mass destruction or resorting to chemical warfare.

Osama bin Laden declared a few years ago that his organization has several nuclear devices. However, there is no evidence that any terrorist organization has nuclear weapons, and any terrorist attempts to launch chemical warfare in Britain have failed miserably.

Nevertheless, there is a fear that al Qaeda or Taliban could put nuclear weapons in the hands of Pakistan, taking advantage of government instability.

Probability: 2/10

4. Solar storms and destruction of the Sun

This is one of the weakest destruction scenarios associated with the end of the Mayan calendar. Under this scenario, a massive solar eruption in December 2012 will wrap our planet, destroying people and ecosystems. Until now, there is no indication that something similar has ever happened in the past.

While a solar flare can cause problems in satellite communications, it is not strong enough to destroy the Earth. Many scientists accept that at some point, when the Sun runs out of energy, it will become a red giant, engulfing Earth. But not earlier than in 5 billion years.

Probability: 0.3 / 10

5. Magnetic field offset

According to this theory, a dramatic reversal of the magnetic poles of Earth is imminent and will result in reversing the rotation of the planet with disastrous results.

Those who support the theory say that the Mayans and ancient Egyptians discovered indications of future reversal of the Earth which are kept secret by governments today.

Studies on magnetic minerals in sedimentary rocks in Norway have shown that the North Pole shifted by 50 degrees. But what experts say is that any shift of the poles is not going to happen sooner than in one million years.

Probability: 1/10

6. Supervolcano

The explosion of a supervolcano could be greater than any volcanic eruption in history. According to the researchers, this could happen if the rising magma in the crust of the Earth saw no way out. The accumulated pressure would result in the destruction of a vast land area, while the magma would inflate in the sky.

In this case, millions of tons of ash and poisonous gases in the atmosphere would lead to the nuclear winter, and the new ice age and the extinction of much life would begin.

Those who believe that this will happen in 2012 turn their attention to the supervolcano beneath Yellowstone Park in the U.S. Satellite observations of recent years have seen changes in the fluid movement of rocks 16 km below the surface.

Probability: 1/10

7. Third World War

Since the Second World War in 1945, when the world was split into two opposing camps, it has been an obvious concern that a new war could break out and destroy the world with atomic weapons.

The growth of nuclear arsenals continued in the decades of the 70’s and ’80s, but from the ’90s, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the arms race slowed down.

Some people believe that the growing power of China and a possible reaction of America or a war between India and Pakistan or between North and South Korea could trigger a global conflict.

Probability: 1.5 / 10

8. The death of bees

Here, things get serious. More than 1/3 of bees in the U.S. lost in the winter of 2008 from an unknown cause. This is a syndrome that causes the sudden death of worker bees so the queen wanders alone in the permit cell. The syndrome spread in European countries, including France, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, and Spain.

Many theories have been proposed to explain the cause of death of bees, such as climate change, the frequencies of mobile phones, insecticides, or some viruses. If the bees disappear, it will disrupt the food chain, while the 1/3 of the sources of human nutrition depend directly on the activities of bees.

Probability: 7/10

9. Destruction of the environment

The previous decades the main environmental threats were considered air pollution, the destruction of the soil, and the ozone layer.

There is no doubt that human activity degrades the planetary ecosystem. The destruction of the environment from the upcoming global warming or pollution of land and sea would render vast regions almost uninhabitable.

The Institute for Space Studies, NASA, Goddard, has found that the average global temperature has risen by 0.8 degrees Celsius since 1880.

Probability: 7/10

10. Oil scarcity

The decline in stocks of oil is a reality that must be taken seriously. Economies around the world are intertwined with oil and many alarmists connect the scarcity of oil with the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012. There is no doubt that oil will end one day.

Some experts believe that oil will end by 2020, while others believe that this is already happening, citing the assumption of some oil companies that have drained their reserves.

Probability: 4/10

Which of these scenarios of the destruction of the world sound like the most feasible to you?

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