Below are a few tricky puzzles that may seem simpler than they are. Try to solve them and be sure that your brain will benefit from this fun exercise!

1. What’s in our lives that always increases and never decreases?

2. What can be shared just once?

3. What cannot be hold even for ten minutes despite the fact that it is lighter than a feather?

4. How to increase the number 666 in half without making any arithmetic operation?

5. A man was driving a big truck. The lights on the car were turned off. There was no moon in the sky. A woman was crossing the street in front of the truck. How did the driver see her?

6. Mary wants to buy a chocolate bar, but she lacks 1 dollar. Bob also wants to buy one, but he lacks only 10 cents. The children decided to buy at least one chocolate bar for two, but they still lack 10 cents. How much is the chocolate bar?

7. There are five apples for five children on a plate. Each child took one apple. However, one apple is still left on the plate. How is this possible?

8. There are two islands: on the one there is a boy and an apple tree, and on the other – his grandmother’s house. There is a bridge between the islands. The boy has to take two apples to his grandma, but the bridge can withstand only one boy and one apple. After the boy crosses it, the bridge will collapse. What should he do?

9. There was once a stepmother who hated her stepson so much that she wanted to poison him. But he was very careful and always ate only the same food as she did. One day at dinner the stepmother cut a piece of meat in half, ate one half herself, and gave to her stepson the second one. Then he died. How did she manage to poison him?

10. Today is not Sunday, and tomorrow is not Wednesday. Yesterday was not Friday, and the day before yesterday was not Monday. Tomorrow is not Sunday, and yesterday was not Sunday. The day after tomorrow is nor Saturday neither Sunday.

Yesterday was nor Monday neither Wednesday. The day before yesterday was not Wednesday, and tomorrow is not Tuesday. Neither today is Wednesday.

What day is today, considering that one statement in the list is false?

Which of these tricky puzzles did you solve? Which seemed easier to you?

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  1. Arilde

    Where can we find the answers of these 10 puzzles? Thanks.

  2. CosmosChild

    1. age
    2. womb
    4. reverse 666 , it ll be 999
    5. the lights of car were off, but truck’s were fine

  3. CosmosChild

    6. 100 cents or 1 dollar

  4. p.sivaguru

    Questions are good, Please inform the answers also. Then only we can cross check it.

  5. Anna

    I will post the answers soon when more people share their thoughts.

  6. sanghamitra

    Questions are very interesting , eager to know the answer ..tried much to solve ,not able to solve even single one .

    1. Anna

      come on, the first 4 questions are very easy..

    2. Arul

      me too in the same track as u r..more r less

  7. Ashish

    1. Time
    10. The first statement is false, then try it will work

  8. portraitman

    today would be Sunday.

  9. Gennifer

    1. Age
    2. A moment?
    3. Breath
    4. Turn it upside down
    5. It’s daytime
    8. Roll one apple across the bridge and walk across with the other.
    10. The first statement it false

  10. Nikki

    1. Age
    2. Breath
    3. Air
    4. Turn it upside-down.
    5. The lights on his truck were on
    6. $1
    7. There was one on the table. (Or somewhere other than the platter)
    8. Throw one? Or swim. (They’re just apples..)
    9. She slowly built up an immunity, poisoning only her food until this moment causing him to keel over? (..this is a terrible step mother..)
    10. The last statement is false. Today would be Wednesday.
    I think.

  11. jordan

    your life
    flip it upside down
    one of the kids is sick?
    roll one, walk another
    she poisoned his drink
    first statements false, todays sunday

  12. jordan

    oh ya missed 5 and 6
    1 dollar
    and its daytime, the truck doesnt need lights

  13. bahram



  14. Beings

    1. Our age

    2. Our innocence

    3. Air

    4. Flip it around

    5. It was daytime.

    6. Mary has nothing. Bob has .90 cents, Chocolate bar costs .90 tests.

    7. One child put one back, it had one green worm.

    8. He takes one apple across and grows an apple tree with the seeds.

    9. Either she poisoned something else (steak sauce, drink), or she put something on the meat that he was allergic to.

    10. Sunday

  15. Dude

    1) Time
    2) A moment
    3) A snow flake
    4) Turn it up-side-down
    5) The trucks lights were on, (the cars were off)
    6) $1
    7) There are only 4 children to take the apples
    8) Have his grandma come get one, or plant a tree
    9) He was a vegetarian
    10) Sunday

  16. Shubham

    1. Age
    2. Death
    3. Breath (not air)
    4. Flip it
    5. If there was no moon then there was a sun means it was daytime
    6. Bar costs 1$, Mary has nothing
    7. Apples are five but children are four
    8. Put one apple near to the bridge( not on the bridge). Then walk with one apple to the other island and put the apple on the Grandma’s Island without leaving the bridge and then go back towards the Apple Island and pick the apple placed near to the bridge and straight to the Grandma’s house. After leaving the bridge pick the first apple and give both apples to the Grandma.
    (bridge will not collapse because boy is travelling within the bridge, crossing means going to the other Island using the bridge)
    9. She may have used poison on just one side of the meat piece (prepared this in kitchen in the boy’s absence)
    10. First Statement is wrong today is Sunday (actually Tuesday 😀 )

  17. Huh.Weird.

    #7) I’m thinking that since all the other apples were handed out, the 5th child took the plate leaving the last apple on it.

  18. earl

    cut it literally
    after being hit he checked her corpse
    6 ????
    one put it back
    throw one apple at the island
    she killed herself too

  19. Elena-corky

    1 age
    2 time
    3 snowflake
    4 turn up side down
    5 it was day light
    6 1$
    7 a child took also the plate with the apple
    8 throw the apples or put the apples on a floating basket, tied with a rope, an that way he wasn’t carrying the apples
    9 gave his something he was allergic to
    10 Thursday; the 4th statement is false

  20. Vicky

    1) Our age
    2) A secret. Once it’s shared it’s no longer a secret.
    3) You cannot hold your breath for 10 minutes.
    4) Flipping 666 turns it into 999.
    5) The driver saw her because it was daytime.
    6) The chocolate bar is $1
    7) Every child took one apple except the last child. He took the plate. Hence the remaining apple is on the plate but every child has one apple
    8) Cut the apples in half, the bridge can sustain itself with that much weight and wont collapse after a trip.
    9) Put poison on one side of the knife which was used to cut the meat. One half of the meat touches poison and the other does not.
    10) Today is Sunday; the first statement was false

  21. Violet

    1. Age
    2. A piece of cake
    3. Snowflake
    4. Turn it upside down
    5. It was day time
    6. Its free, because they stole it
    7. There was only 4 children?…
    8. He can throw one apple, and walk with the other one..?
    9. Poisened one side
    10. Sunday

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