lucid dreamingIn our dreams we encounter the subconscious, which can tell a lot about our lives and help resolve difficult situations. With the help of lucid dreaming, i.e. programming yourself for a specific dream, you can get answers to questions that remain open in real life and reveal some secrets of your personality. This is a 10-step guide to dreaming what you want to dream:

1. A few hours before bedtime, try to relax and not to overload yourself with unnecessary emotions and experiences, dense meal and physical exercise.

2. Decide on what you want to dream. It should not be a detailed description of the plot, because dreams are built on their own internal logic. Specify what kind of intellectual or creative problem you want to solve, or maybe you want to visit a foreign country, go on an adventure or see your relative who lives far away. In any case, the task should reflect a real situation that bothers you.

3. After specifying the purpose you want to accomplish with the help of your dreams, write it down on a piece of paper.

4. Now you need to get ready for remembering your dream. To do this, put a pad and pen next to your bed in order to write down as more details as possible just after waking up.

5. Program yourself for waking up as soon as you dream what you want to dream. The fact is that in one night we can have several dreams, but, as a rule, we remember only the last one. So it is necessary to wake up as soon as the desired dream ends.

6. Learn to enter in the altered states of consciousness, which accompany us before and after sleep. Do not fall asleep immediately, as soon as your head touches the pillow, and do not jump out of bed immediately after waking up. A state between dream and reality is a sort of window to the worlds where we can get important information.

7. During falling asleep, when you are in such an altered state of consciousness, vizualize the smallest details of the picture you want to dream. Engage your imagination and fantasy

8. When you wake up, do not rush back to reality and try to cling to the remnants of the pictures that have not yet completely evaporated from your mind.

9. When sleep completely leaves you and you are fully awake, write down everything you remember, and everything that pops into your mind, without getting out of bed.

10. If you had a deliberate approach to the dream programming, then you will meet what you wanted to see in the description of your dream. Training yourself in this way every day, you will achieve great results, and then your dreams will become your faithful helpers and allies in the real world.

Anna LeMind, B.A.

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    I think this may be helpful to some of my patients. Thank you.

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    Artnip Dementia Signage for the Home

    May be a good technique for treating depression.

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    Brace Phillips

    I found this site on Google. It was excellent and very informative. As a first time visitor to your blog I am very impressed. I found a lot of informative stuff in your article. Thanks for posting.

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      Thank you for your appreciation!

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    Interesting theory, not sure it would work though.

    Emotional experiences throughout the day are more likely to override any intentional wants.

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    I will try it today. i want to master it before I move on Astral Projection.

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