Earth is constantly changing. The future of our planet is going to be more than interesting, but also full of chaos. The following list shows the top ten disasters that are likely to happen to the Earth in the distant future.

Top 10 Most Likely Disasters of the Future

1. New ocean (10 million years)

The Afar Triangle is one of the hottest places on Earth, where the surface is only 20 km away from a boiling hot magma, and the ground is slowly thinning due to tectonic movements.

10 million years from now, when the geological activity ceases, this place will eventually fill with water, and a new ocean will be formed.

2. Event with a huge impact on the Earth (100 million years)

Considering a relatively large number of objects randomly floating in space around the Earth, scientists say that within the next 100 million years, our planet will experience the impact of an event comparable to the one that caused the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction.

This impact will probably provoke the end of the era of the mammals, and a new era of complex life forms will begin.

3. Pangea Ultima (250 million years)

Africa has been migrating to the north for the last 40 million years is likely to collide with southern Europe within the next 50 million years. Australia and Antarctica also tend to become part of a new supercontinent and will continue moving northward to merge with Asia.

America will follow its course to the west, away from Europe and Africa, and is believed to reach the eastern boundary of the Eurasian supercontinent in about 250 million years from now.

4. The burst of gamma rays (600 million years)

Earth is constantly struggling with gamma-ray bursts, i.e. streams of ultrahigh-energy radiation, which is usually emitted by supernovae. If all this energy falls to the Earth’s surface, gamma rays will burn most of the life on our planet within a few minutes or even seconds.

5. Uninhabitable Earth (1.5 billion years)

As far as the Sun is getting hotter and bigger, at some point, the Earth will cease to be habitable due to the proximity to the scorching sun. Then all the forms of life on Earth will perish.

The oceans will dry out completely, leaving only the burnt desert land. After some time, the Earth will follow the path of Venus and become a toxic wasteland, as the temperature on it will reach the boiling point of many toxic metals.

6. Magnetic field collapse (2.5 billion years)

Some scientists believe that in 2.5 billion years, the Earth’s outer core will be no longer liquid and will start to freeze. Thus the magnetic field of the Earth will slowly fade and disappear.

Without it, there will be nothing to protect the planet from the solar wind, and its atmosphere will gradually lose its compounds such as ozone and disappear.

7. Catastrophe in the solar system (3.5 billion years)

After about 3 billion years, there is a probability that Mercury’s orbit will extend and cross the path of Venus. In case if the inner solar system remains undamaged, in five billion years the orbit of Mars will cross the path of Earth, creating the risk of another collapse.

8. New picture of the night sky (4 billion years)

At some point, the growth of the Andromeda galaxy will change the picture of the Earth’s sky. A perfectly formed spiral galaxy in the night sky will be a really wonderful scene.

However, over time, it will be distorted dramatically and merge with the Milky Way. In any case, at least for some time, our night sky will be decorated with trillions of new stars.

9. Debris ring (5 billion years)

Though the Moon is constantly moving away from the Earth 4 cm per year, the Sun has entered the red giant phase, and it is likely that it will stop. The force of the huge star acting on the moon will be enough to bring it down to the Earth.

When the moon reaches the Roche limit, it will start breaking down because the force of gravity will exceed the force keeping the moon distant, which will lead to a formation of a ring of debris around the Earth.

10. Destruction (unknown)

The probability that the Earth will be destroyed for some reason within the next ten billion years is very high. Whether it will be a collision with another planet or asteroid or destruction by the heat of our dying Sun, it will certainly be a tragic moment for all living beings.

These disasters can seem unbelievable right now, but in the distant future, they may become quite real.

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