If you are one of those people who are looking for ways to increase their creativity and productivity, then this list of activities and ideas is the right fit for you. Probably, you might have already tried some of these things before, but perhaps some other ideas from this list will surprise you.

10 Ways to Enhance Your Brain Power

1. Learn yet another language

This will not only help you during your next trip to another country but will also enhance your brain power and maintain your mind in shape. According to a study at University College in London, learning a second language changes the structure of the gray matter, which helps you process information.

It’s like going to the gym – the more intensively you train your body, the more muscle you build. So with the brain, it goes the same way: the more languages you know, the better the condition of the gray matter is.

Mastering a foreign language is a fairly complex process, which we often encounter in childhood when our brains are still developing. To re-create a similar development of your brain, you can try to learn a new language.

This will put a challenge before you, which will train your brain to work differently and will strengthen the understanding of your native language. It greatly sharpens the mind and helps us confront memory problems when we get older.

2. Create a reading list

Reading lists identify the ultimate goal of your training, helping you focus on consumed information. You can create reading lists by subject areas, by region or culture, by historical periods.

Any purposeful reading helps your brain better understand the subject and focus your attention on complex tasks.

3. Appreciate the culture

Another way to enhance your brain power is to increase the understanding of your culture. See good movies, visit art galleries, listen to classical music. You can learn about your native culture and the culture of other countries.

Studying culture will help you develop your mind in a way that is unlikely to be achieved under different circumstances. Exploring art will help you understand how society works. In addition, it will increase your erudition.

4. Get healthy amounts of social interaction

When you are working on forming and maintaining social relationships, both online and in real life, you train your brain’s ability to understand different people.

In addition, it will help you develop your ability to keep in mind many faces and names of people. In fact, studies conducted on prisoners held in solitary confinement showed a clear decrease in their brain activity comparable to that of people who have suffered severe head injuries.

The trick is to get the right amount of social interaction for your needs. If you are an introvert, it doesn’t make sense to overload your schedule with social activities either.

5. Watch TV reasonably

Scientists emphasize over and over again that when watching television doesn’t enhance your brain power but still consumes your mind’s resources. The energy is wasted without any benefit.

Remember your feelings after too much time watching television. In some cases, it is difficult even to focus your sight, and concentration on any complex problem is absolutely impossible. In order to relax, it is better to read a book or to listen to music.

Many people believe (for a good reason) that TV can make you dumb. But if you do not watch all the stupid shows and series and choose TV programs wisely, then you can learn a lot of informative things. There are still some TV programs that are worth watching, for example, documentaries or quiz shows.

You could watch educational channels like Discovery Channel, as they often show in-depth documentaries and broadcasts on a variety of interesting and useful things.

Also, you could watch some quality intellectual movies, as complex plot lines and relationships between the characters will make your brain work.

5. Look for quality content on the Internet

While the Internet also has negative effects on our cognitive health, there are studies that confirm that the process of looking for relevant information online makes the brain work the same or even more than when reading a book.

So do it more often, and do not forget to ask the right questions. Just as with watching TV, it is how you use the Internet that matters.

The Internet can be a major source of distraction, but at the same time, it contains many excellent educational resources. Many universities upload video lectures of their courses or of guest speakers.

Such kinds of resources will help you enhance your knowledge on certain topics, whether they relate to your career or are your personal hobbies.

Try some of these things to enhance your brain power. With some consistency, you will soon notice that your cognitive functions such as memory and concentration have improved!

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