The technology is supposed to make our lives better and easier. However, sometimes it is really difficult to understand why to waste effort and time to invent something completely useless. Here are top 10 weird and completely useless things invented in the 20th century:

1. Cigarette Sharing Device

weird invention

It was believed to be the best way to show your love! Can you imagine better proof of tenderness and love than sharing the same cigarette with your beloved one?

2. Cigarette Pack Smoker

weird invention

Once smoking was glamorous. With a «Cigarette Pack Smoker» it was 20 times more charming!

3. Sea Shoes

weird invention

What if someday you will need to cross a river to get to a meeting and all the bridges will be demolished? In such a case the «Sea Shoes» will help you!

4. Honegar

weird invention

Yes, it is vinegar and honey mixed together and is supposed to be a great energizer and cure different health problems…

5. Shower Hood

weird invention

What if you want to take a shower without spoiling your hairstyle and makeup? With the help of the «Shower Hood» you definitely can do that!

6. Couple’s Baby Sling

weird invention

The best device if you hate your baby or any passersby on the street. And if the baby does not stop crying, the «Couple’s Baby Sling» works as a sling! Bye bye baby…

7. Suspended Baby Cage

weird invention

Truly innovative if you have a lack of space in your small apartment or you are tired of your baby. The «Suspended Baby Cage» is perfect in both cases…

8. Phone Answering Robot

weird invention

This is a real mystery: a robot designed to answer the phone. Only that he could not speak! Then what did he do? He was lifting the handset, that’s it! The «Phone Answering Robot» was a true innovation…

9. Flying Platform

weird invention

The «Flying Platform» was invented for the needs of the U.S. Army. The question is in what cases would the American soldiers use this device?

10. Motorized Surfboard

weird invention

The «Motorized Surfboard» had its use: if the sea shoes are not of your taste and you still have to cross the same river to get to your meeting, this is the best way!

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