happy personIn this time of the year we are more prone to depression, bad mood and sometimes we feel particularly unhappy. But maybe it has to do with the habit of complaining and shifting the blame to the bad weather? Much better is to replace bad words and habits with the good ones that will help us keep a positive attitude and feel happy even in gloomy autumn days.

Here are some habits that will help you feel happier:

1. Appreciate every moment

Live today and now. Rejoice every detail:

a sunny day, a beautiful scenery, an interesting book, a smiling stranger. Think of someone that cannot see, hear, feel… But you are lucky, so appreciate this.

2. Do what you like

You cannot do every day something that makes you feel unhappy (uninteresting work, annoying “friends”, unloved people). Everyday stress not only prevents live fully, but also deprives health. Find a way to give up things and people that prevent you to be happy and enjoy life. Do not waste your energy on something that does not bring you joy or somebody who does not deserve you.

3. Do not try to be perfect, always be yourself

Do not try to be perfect in everything, it is impossible. Improve yourself, but enjoy the process itself, do not torment yourself with unattainable images. Do not imitate unthinkingly, keep your individuality.

4. Grow, change, move forward

Happiness is not a colorless stability and peace. It is a development, diversity, aspiration for the new.

Do not regret to say goodbye to the past. Do not focus on yesterday’s problems. What has already happened cannot be changed. Your past failures made you wiser and they are not an obstacle to the new challenges.

5. Look for the positives in any situation

In everyone’s life there are disappointments and difficulties. But optimists do not think about what they do not have, but about what they have, seeking for new perspectives.

The more positive you are, the more good things you notice around you.

6. Do not make a mountain out of a molehill

Do not worry too much about minor problems, life cannot consist only of joy and victory. The more often you think about failures, the more negative energy you attract into your life.

Remember the well-known prayer: “God, give me the serenity to accept the things I can’t change, the courage to change those I can, and the wisdom to know the difference”.

7. Do not give too much weight to the opinions of others

Treat people friendly, but do not try to please everyone. Do not let others influence your mood and self-esteem.

8. Do not be offended or jealous

Anger and envy are the most senseless and hurtful feelings typical for people who are not confident in themselves and do not love themselves.

Anger can undermine your mental and physical health. Forgive, and the satisfaction of your generosity will be your reward.

Envy also will not add happiness to your life. If you cannot enjoy the successes of others, then at least treat them without negative emotions. Appreciate what you have, because many do not have even that.

9. Be grateful

Thank God, the Universe, the fate for life, health, opportunity, luck. There is always something to thank for your parents, teachers, friends, lovers, and children. You can thank even your enemies and critics for the given life lessons. The more gratitude you will have in your heart, the happier person you will feel.

10. Smile

It is understandable that you want to smile, when you feel happy, but it works in the opposite direction too. Try to look in the mirror and smile at yourself and you will see that your mood will change.

Smile at your family members at breakfast. Smile to your neighbor in the elevator. Smile to the saleswoman in the supermarket. And then the smile will become your habit.

11. Watch your words and thoughts

Give up negative phrases, if you still use them (“I am out of luck,” “I cannot”, “It is not for me”). Also get rid of the conventions in mind, for example, “I will fall in love, if …” Do not limit yourself to anything, always say: “I am successful”, “I am worthy”, “I’m happy.” Arm yourself with optimistic affirmations for success and often repeat them.

12. Dream

Dreaming is the first step on the road to success and happiness. Lack of dreams leads to the stagnation of thoughts, feelings and life.

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