12 reasons you should never give up

///12 reasons you should never give up

never give upAt some point in the different aspects of our lives sometimes we feel as if giving up. Sometimes we give up even before things start or before making a last breakthrough to success, because we understand how much effort is needed to make this.

Here are 12 reasons why you should never give up, I hope that you find your reason before you give up in advance, and it will inspire you to move on.

1. As long as you’re alive, everything is possible

The only good reason for you to give up is your death. As long as you are alive (healthy and free), you have a choice to make attempts to succeed.

2. Be realistic

It is not very likely that you succeed in something from the first time. Everything takes time to be learnt, and you will make mistakes. Learn from them.

3. You are strong

You are stronger than you think. One little failure (as well as 10 or 100 ones) is not a serious enough reason to stop you on the way to success.

4. Express yourself

Come out and show yourself to the world, as well as to yourself. You can and will achieve what you intend to do. You fail only when you surrender.

5. Was it done before?

If somebody else can do it, so can you. Even if only one person in the world has managed to achieve what you want. This should be reason enough for you to never give up.

6. Believe in your dreams

Do not betray yourself. There always will be a lot of people who will tell you that what you want to achieve is impossible. Do not let anyone ruin your dreams.

7. Your family and friends

Let your close people become your source of inspiration and motivation to keep moving on. You may need to try to change your point of view, study and practice more, but never give up!

8. There are people worse off than you

Right now there are many people who are in a worse situation and in worse conditions than you are now. Do you want to give up your everyday 5 miles jogging? Think about the people who can not even walk and how much they would like to be able to run 5 miles…

9. Improve the world

When you achieve everything you intended to do, you can use your success to make changes in the world or in the lives of individuals.

10. You deserve to be happy

You deserve happiness and success. Keep this attitude and never give up before you reach your destination.

11. Encourage others

Be a source of inspiration to others by refusing to give up. Maybe someone else can succeed because you have never surrendered, and thus inspired others not to give up.

12. You are so close to success

Often, when you feel that you want to give up, you are so close to making a huge breakthrough. At any point of the time you are always just on the verge of success.

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