did you know factsHere are top 15 most strange facts that can be found on the Internet today:

  1. More i-Phones are sold than children are born every day in the world.
  1. Research has shown that people tend to believe something more easily if you whisper it.
  1. If someone rips labels from beer bottles, it means that he is sexually frustrated.
  1. 92% of people who surf the Internet have searched their name on Google.
  1. Blue-eyed people have more tolerance to alcohol.
  1. There are 3 Fridays the 13th in 2012 and there is a 13-week gap between them. This will happen again in 666 years.
  1. The average person tells 4 lies a day.
  1. 75% of people try to fall asleep in the morning in order to continue a dream they had before waking.
  1. Emotional pain lasts only for 13 minutes. Anything beyond is self inflicted.
  1. One is more likely to die from lack of sleep than of hunger. You can live up to two weeks without food and only 10 days without sleep.
  1. Write “do a barrel roll” on Google and see what will happen…
  1. 76% of students pretend to pay attention to the lesson in order not to be asked a question by the teacher.
  1. After reading this you will realize that the the brain doesn’t recognize a second “the”.
  1. It is estimated that at any given time 7% of the world population is drunk.
  1. According to National Geographic, there is the possibility that redheads will disappear by 2060.


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