easy life tipsWhen you are young, life seems so simple and clear. Many things come easily, because you are healthy, full of vitality and future plans. Over time, we begin to complicate simple things. But the truth is that life is still simple. It has not changed, we are those who have changed and made it more difficult.

What happens when we become ‘adults’ and mature?

We begin to prohibit, restrain and suppress ourselves, thereby fitting ourselves into the framework of conventions and constraints. Being children, we did not think what to eat, what to wear, what time to go to bed. We were full of carefree joy, fun, laughter, we were just doing what we liked and what would make us happy.

We think a lot about things we didn’t think before. Endless diets, special menus, carefully selected wardrobe, and work, work all the way. We buy a lot of unnecessary things, take care of our status and prestige. It is a constant race for desired success at any price, even if it costs us our health, family, and a lot of time. This brings to our lives anxiety, fear, uncertainty and concern. All this makes us moody, eternally dissatisfied, tired, lifeless…

If you want to make your life easy and joyful again, use these tips:

1. Talk openly. Do not expect that you will be understood without words.

2. Be polite and considerate towards others. But do not try to be nice to everyone. Be polite, but do not try to please everyone around. It is better to pay more attention to those relationships that are really important to you.

3. Do not overload yourself: try to sleep 6-8 hours, eat well, do some exercise. Do not try to do all things in one day.

4. Do not buy unnecessary things. It will save money and your home from the trash. It would be wise to have some savings. Live within your means.

5. Stop comparing yourself with others. This envy can gradually destroy you.

6. Maintain a relationship with those people who are close to you in spirit and complement you, so that you can learn something new and useful from them.

7. Do not drink alcohol. It destroys a person physically and mentally. In fact it does not relief stress and sadness, and of course it does not solve your problems.

8. Use time wisely. Do not waste it on TV and computer games or social networking. Modern technologies are designed to make your life easier. Devote some time to exploring the ways to manage your time effectively.

9. Get rid of the habit of telling lies. Honesty in relationships and communication is above all, and it is always much appreciated.

10. Try to make regular cleaning. Do not delay cleaning until later, but get used to doing it right away.

11. Smiling is absolutely necessary for a good mood.

12. Eat when you are really hungry. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Often we confuse hunger with thirst. If you are thirsty, drink plain water instead of tea, coffee, or soda.

13. Spend half an hour a day on exercise. Go for a walk in the morning or in the evening. This will keep your body in shape.

14. Learn something new and make yourself a better person every day.

15. Make your wildest desires and dreams come true. Do not be afraid of what others will say. Set a goal and work your way to it. Do not try to achieve others’ desires and dreams.

16. Remember that everything in this life changes and passes. Nothing lasts forever. Accept this as a fact in all situations.

17. Everyone can make mistakes including you. Do not blame yourself for mistakes. Try to see them as knowledge and experience that may help you in the future.

18. Have a flexible opinion. Even if you are right, do not force others to accept your point of view. Let everyone have their own opinion.

19. Do not be afraid of expressing gratitude and appreciation for people who help you.

20. Improve and develop yourself. But do not forget your true nature. Chase your own dreams and goals, not the ones you are supposed to chase.

Anna LeMind, B.A.

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