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Déjà vu: a mental disorder or a way to receive messages from other worlds?

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Probably, there are no people that have never experienced deja vu – a strange feeling that something had happened before. What is it – vague memories that pop to the surface from the dark corners of our consciousness? Snatches of dreams? Or perhaps it is a proof of reincarnation – that we don’t live for [...]

The brain learns during sleep

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According to researchers from the University of Michigan in the U.S., learning occurs during sleep due to the fact that our memory treats the day's events at night. They found out that there is a so-called "sleep memory" - a previously unknown form of memorizing. Results of the research, which was attended by over 250 [...]

How to prepare your memory for an exam

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The night before an exam Make sure to have enough sleep at night before an exam. During sleep the nerve endings, activated during the day, are being rehabilitated and are getting stronger, and the accepted information is moving from the short term to the long term memory. That is why sleepless nights before an exam [...]

Exercise to improve visual attention

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Flow of information, expansion of human contacts, development of various forms of popular culture, the growing pace of life – these all lead to an increasing demand in knowledge needed for modern life. One of the essential conditions for successful learning is a development of attention.   Attention is one of the phenomena of orienting-investigatory [...]

The influence of emotions on human health

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As you know, our soul and body are closely connected together and have a strong influence on each other. Diseases affect our thoughts and emotions as well as some of our thoughts can cause disease. Knowing the impact of emotions on human health, doctors advise not to be influenced by negative thoughts and feelings. But [...]

3 tips to improve your concentration

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1. Observe yourself. Low concentration can be different: someone can’t listen for long, another one can’t speak or write for long, another one is constantly distracted by noise. A few days observe yourself, carefully analyzing your own behavior. Find out moments when it becomes difficult for you to concentrate […]

Music’s effect on the human brain

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Music can affect the human brain, and that’s why it’s one of the tools used in treatment of various psychiatric disorders. Scientists of the Georgetown University Medical Center believe they have found a mechanism which with the help of sounds of music affects processes occurring in the brain. During the testing on […]