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Déjà Vu and Simulation Theory: Is It a Glitch in the Matrix?

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What is the link between deja vu and simulation theory? Let's find out how this theory explains this mysterious mental effect. Probably, there are no people that have never experienced deja vu - a strange feeling that something has happened before although you know that this is not the case. What is it? Vague memories [...]

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How to prepare your memory for an exam

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The night before an exam Make sure to have enough sleep at night before an exam. During sleep, the nerve endings, activated during the day, are being rehabilitated and are getting stronger, and the accepted information is moving from the short term to the long term memory. That is why sleepless nights before an exam [...]

Exercise to improve visual attention

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Flow of information, expansion of human contacts, development of various forms of popular culture, the growing pace of life – these all lead to an increasing demand in knowledge needed for modern life. One of the essential conditions for successful learning is a development of attention. Attention is one of the phenomena of orienting-investigatory activity. [...]

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The effect of emotions on health is more powerful than it seems

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As you know, our soul and body are closely connected together and have a strong influence on each other. Diseases affect our thoughts and emotions, as well as some of our thoughts, can cause disease. Knowing the impact of emotions on human health, doctors advise not to be influenced by negative thoughts and feelings. But [...]

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A System That Allows You to Control Home Appliances with Your Mind

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Italian scientists from the Roman Research Institute “Santa Lucia Foundation” have created an experimental model of a system that allows people with disabilities to control home appliances with their minds. The so-called ASPICE project involves a system that makes it possible for a disabled person to easier interact with the surrounding environment while also speeding [...]

Ten tips for time management

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Time management is necessary for professional and any other activity. The following useful tips will help you take your time under control. 1. Keep records. One of the most common mistakes of time management is trying to use your memory to keep many details in your mind. It leads to information overload and confusion in [...]

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Possible to upload knowledge into the brain?

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Recent advances in science and technology can be used to obtain the martial arts skills, learn to drive an aircraft or to speak a foreign language, without leaving home. Researchers from Boston University and the Computational Neuroscience Laboratories «ATR» (Kyoto, Japan) affirm that the mechanism of “uploading” knowledge in the human brain can be created in [...]