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Clairvoyance: a Hidden Mind Power Beyond the Known Five Senses

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Clairvoyance: these messages from the secret channels of the mind are images suddenly making their appearance to warn us about the future… Many abilities of the human brain still remain hidden from scientists. Yet, only a small percentage of human potential has been known after years of research and much effort. This gives us insight into just how monumental the human brain [...]

Time travel paradox is solved

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A team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) led by Seth Lloyd has analyzed the role of some of the paradoxes and characteristics of real time travel, says the magazine Wired. In science fiction movies and books time travel may be possible by using a time machine or a magic clock. But [...]

5 Greatest Unsolved Enigmas of Humanity

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Some discoveries shed more light on the events of the past, while some others baffle scientists and raise new questions about the history of humankind. Here are five of the most puzzling and unexplained mysteries in the world which are yet to be solved. 1. The Bimini Road In 1968, dozens of huge flat rocks [...]

“Vampire stars” drain matter from neighbors

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A research team led by scientists from the University of Amsterdam has observed an impressive cosmic phenomenon. Using the VLT telescope located in Chile, researchers have studied dozens of O-type stars which are located in various stellar clusters in our galaxy. During one of their observations, the scientists identified a binary system in which an [...]

Friendship between a man and a woman proven to be impossible?

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The famous saying that “there can be no friendship between a man and a woman” seems to be confirmed scientifically, at least concerning men. New research indicates that developing friendly relations with women, men are driven by sexual attraction they feel for them. According to the researchers, this statement is not true for women who [...]

What will remain of us in 100 thousand years?

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When people (or whoever) in the distant future will write the history of primitive civilization of the beginning of the XXI century, the best way to reconstruct the lost culture will be the archeology. The fate of the Alexandrian library has demonstrated what awaits our archives and museums… What archaeologists will be able to say [...]

Why do people talk in sleep?

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Almost all of us have heard, at some point in our lives, a phrase: “You were talking in your sleep at night”. This phrase can cause different emotions, from surprise to embarrassment and concern, but it always raises a question: “And what did I say?” Usually the answer is: “Nothing interesting”. Studies have shown that [...]