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10 Valuable Habits of Positive People

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We all easily distinguish between positive people and everyone else. What's more, we instinctively want to keep company with them. One reason why we find positive people to be so valuable is how they see life. They seem to take what the world gives them and fashion it to suit their needs. They also take [...]

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5 Unbelievable Facts about Space and Celestial Bodies!

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There are some pretty unbelievable facts about the universe out there. If you thought you knew quite a bit about planets and space, then think again! You haven't seen anything yet! The universe is vast, including dust, light, planets, and unidentified objects. Over the years, we've learned some of the most unbelievable facts about our solar system [...]

3 weird questions you can’t answer about human body and mind

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Three simple questions will be answered in the following article. Maybe you never wondered about these things or thought you knew the right answers. In any case, it will be quite interesting for you to learn them. Question 1: Why do I often experience deja vu? We all know what deja vu is: an obscure [...]

8 curious puzzles for advanced solvers

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Are you good at solving riddles and puzzles? Try these eight short puzzles and riddles which require some thought but certainly will make you pass the time pleasantly. 1. Mary arrives at her new job, in a 60-storey building. While she is waiting for the elevator to go to her office, she sees that it [...]

DNA seems to have telepathic abilities

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New research came to the conclusion that DNA has the ability to self-assemble even at a distance, while according to the known science it has been considered impossible. There is still no explanation for this phenomenon. Scientists report data stating that, in contrast to current beliefs about what is possible and what is not, the [...]

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People with High IQ Have a Better Chance at Being Happy, Study Claims

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The smarter you are, the happier you will be. According to science, people with high IQ have a much higher chance at being content with their lives. People with high IQ are one step closer to happiness than those who have lower scores on the IQ scale, claims new research from the UK. Researchers at the Imperial [...]

How the Way We Learn Affects Our Daily Lives

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There are many different learning styles, and every human takes in and processes information differently. But, one thing we may not think about is the fact that our unique learning styles shape everything to do as we go about our daily lives. From making decisions to remembering information, to taking breaks from work, the way [...]