How to deal with unlucky days

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From time to time we all have terrible, very bad and unlucky days. Dam at work, getting off on the wrong foot, spoilt mood, inadequate people, quarrel with relatives, alarming diagnosis from your doctor, etc… There may be many reasons. Here are some tips to control such days: Restrain the desire to “please” yourself. The [...]

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Do Einstein’s Laws of Physics Suggest the Existence of Ghosts?

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Perhaps we've found some answers about life after death and the existence of ghosts. The answers may come from the laws of physics. Despite the efforts of ghost-hunters around the world and their continuing investigations into abandoned houses, factories, old buildings, cemeteries, etc., which is most often accompanied by proper equipment, we still are not [...]

The universe and the brain develop in the same way!

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U.S. researchers came to a conclusion that the universe is very likely to develop in a manner analogous to that of the brain. The simulations they used in the course of the research also show that the development of the universe has common features with that of the Internet and social networks like Facebook. Researchers [...]

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10 Job Positions with the Highest Depression Rates

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Although the following article has no purpose to prevent or discourage anyone from choosing or continuing a particular job, the sad truth is that some employees are more likely to present signs of depression because of the conditions of their work. 1. Residential / nursing care Those working in the field of care for children [...]

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Moving Objects with the Mind Becomes Possible Thanks to New Tech

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Telekinesis, or moving objects with the mind, is this possible? Some people truly believe that any object can be controlled with thought alone. If you are convinced that only heroes of science fiction movies are able to move objects by the power of thought, it is time to get rid of this illusion. The power of [...]

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How to Master Essay Writing: 8 Basic Tips for Students

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Many students struggle with their essay writing simply because they don't completely understand what the best way to go about them. Even then, essay writing should not be a difficult task if you follow through with the below advice and tips. Always use active voice As much as possible, when writing an essay, use active [...]

10 rules of happiness according to psychologists

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Based on the latest psychological research, a team of British scientists and public figures founded the charity movement Action for happiness, which currently has more than 23 thousand members around the world. One of the founders of the movement is the British economist Richard Layard, who thinks that, despite the amazing technical and material progress [...]