Digital Music: a Drug of the New Generation

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The drug that is expected to mark the twenty-first century is manufactured and distributed through the Internet. The reason that the iDoser becomes more and more popular around the world is that it requires no pills, injections, or inhalations, but is placed into digital files that users easily download from the Internet. The "dose" is [...]

Top Ten Weirdest Holidays

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A holiday is a day designated to have a special significance for people, government or religious/secular groups and believed to deserve special celebration. We have all heard about the New Year, the Christmas, the Chinese New Year and the Ramadan. However, I would be surprised if you have heard of the following celebrations: 1. March [...]

Odd Behaviors of the Human Species

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They say that everyone is different in some way. Our experiences and environments shape the kind of person we become throughout our lives. We develop tastes for specific foods, likes for specific entertainments, and build belief structures based on what we were taught as we developed. Yet, a large portion of humans will still succumb [...]

Are Coincidences Really Random?

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Many people are fascinated and captivated by the coincidences… What are they and do they happen for some reason? There are not many researchers who have studied this issue: the major ones are the biologist Paul Kammerer and the psychologist Carl Jung, but unfortunately even they did it in a rather superficial and incomplete manner. [...]

How to reveal your hidden talents

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Each of us has talents, some of which we do not even know about. It is sad when a person puts off the development of his talents thinking that other things are more important and even sadder if a person believes he is untalented. Everyone has a talent, and not just one. So who is [...]

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How to Remember Dreams with These 8 Tips

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If you're used to forgetting your dreams, there are techniques that can improve this. Our mysterious world teaches us how to remember dreams. In case you never knew, the area that's responsible for creating long-term memories, the prefrontal cortex, lies dormant when we are sleeping. This is why dreams are so hard to remember. If dreams end before [...]

Where Did the Christmas Tradition Come From?

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Decorating the Christmas tree and hiding gifts date back to thousands of years ago, long before the Christmas season was included in Christianity. Although Christmas traditions have a strong pagan background, they have undergone many changes over the years. "It is wrong to say that the modern Christmas came directly from pre-Christian traditions," says historian [...]