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4 bad study habits and how to break them

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Implementing and adhering to good study habits can be tricky; for some students formulating any kind of study plan or revision timetable is something of an unknown world. As assignment deadlines loom or examinations draw closer a student starts to feel the incipient signs of panic and begins to dread possible failure. There are four [...]

4 Interesting Riddles for Advanced Solvers

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Riddle 1: Shopping (**) A married couple returns from shopping at the supermarket laden with bags. The man begins complaining to his wife that the bags are very heavy. “Why are you complaining?” She says. “If you give me one of your bags, I would have twice as many as you do, and if I [...]

“Sixth Sense” Is Promised to Be Given via Brain Implant

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Lab rats gained a “sixth sense” via brain implant that allowed them to “touch” the infrared light, according to data published in the journal Nature Communications. Seeing in the infrared spectrum Team of researchers at Duke University in North Carolina, led by Dr. Miguel Nicolelis, announced during the annual conference of the American Association for [...]

5 Most Common Nightmares and Their Interpretation (Part 1)

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Nightmares are an integral part of our dreams. Our pleasant dreams are caused mostly by our dreams and desires, unlike the nightmares that are a manifestation of such feelings as stress and anxiety. In the nightmares, as well as in all kinds of dreams, all seen images are symbolic, so they should never be interpreted [...]

Top Ten Ways to Enhance Your Memory

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Do you know why children easily learn new things? Because they are constantly training their brain. Memory is a very powerful tool, but it becomes weak if it is not used for a long time. What do you do to make your brain stay active and productive? We offer you 10 ways to improve memory [...]

Tips on How to Balance Homework

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These tips are fundamental and target the root cause of why many students are struggling with school and homework. No impractical “make a to do list” tips here. Only raw structural advices to help you make it. The best tactics for getting through school are these. Live on campus. Many studies have shown, and every [...]

Learning a Musical Instrument Changes the Structure of the Brain

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Children that start learning a musical instrument before the age of seven develop their motor skills faster than others, claim Canadian scientists. As experts at the Concordia University in Montreal say, it shows that at the age of 6-8 music education interacts with the growth rate of motor skills in children, causing long-term changes in [...]

7 Most Interesting Theories to Explain the Mystery of Bermuda Triangle

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Everyone has heard about the Bermuda Triangle, a mysterious area in the Atlantic Ocean where vessels and aircrafts disappear under unknown circumstances. Here are 7 possible explanations of this phenomenon: 1. Secret military testing Officially, the Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC) is a company engaged in testing of submarines and weapons. But there [...]