New Method Makes It Possible To “Erase” Memories

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In the science fiction movie Men in Black, agents K and J were able to “clear” the memory of the unfortunate witnesses, thanks to a flash produced by a small portable gadget, to protect the secrecy of alien activity on Earth. Now, in a paper published in the journal Science, we learn that science fiction [...]

Placebo Effect: Unsolved Mystery of the Human Body and Mind

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Despite we strive to understand the world, there are still many mysteries that we can not solve. One of them is the mystery of the placebo phenomenon. [Do not try this yourself] If you cause pain in someone many times a day and for many days, using morphine to control the pain [...]

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CIA Secret Experiment with LSD Makes French Village Go Mad

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A U.S. journalist claims that the CIA conducted a secret experiment with the well-known psychedelic drug LSD on residents of the small picturesque French town of Pont-Saint-Esprit, putting the drug in bread flour. The story played out in the summer of 1951, when the "cursed bread" (as the inhabitants called it) led five people to [...]

Five Common Myths about Happiness

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We all believe in happiness, but often our beliefs are false. Happiness is associated with many false beliefs. Here are some of the most common ones, which are likely to be present in your life. Once you understand these happiness myths, you can begin to deal with them, becoming happier. 1. Happiness depends on time [...]

Hypnosis: A Great Healing Instrument

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Hypnosis is a great healing instrument used by psychologists. Also hypnosis can be used in general medicine too, for instance, for calming the physical pain. What is hypnosis? It is a form of therapy in which the therapist sends affirmations or suggestions to the client who is in a deep relaxation state. If we want to [...]

Time Travel and the Mystery of the Philadelphia Experiment

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Philadelphia Experiment was a military experiment that is believed to have taken place during the Second World War. The ‘guinea pig’ of the experiment was Eltridge, a fully manned and equipped destroyer escort of the U.S. Navy, which was claimed to be rendered invisible to enemy weapons. There are many theories that attempt to explain [...]

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3 Types of Déjà Vu You Have Never Heard About

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Everyone knows what deja vu is, but not everyone has heard about more specific types of deja vu such as deja vecu, deja senti, or deja visite. First of all, what is called “deja vu” is not, in reality, deja vu, but only a type of it. According to psychologist Arthur Funkhouser, there are three [...]

Angry All the Time? Try These Efficient Anger Management Solutions

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Many people struggle with anger issues. There can be a lot of answers to the question: “why do we get angry?”, but the most accurate answer will be: because of the negative thoughts. Negative thinking can lead to three major psychological problems: depression, anxiety and anger. We are usually angry when we are frustrated, or [...]