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Did Earthly Life Emerge Before the Earth Was Formed?

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Geneticist Alexei Sharov of the National Institute on Aging in Baltimore together with biologist Richard Gordon of the Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratory in Florida managed to apply Moore's Law to biological systems. And got sensational results: life did not originate on Earth, but in a place that existed before the formation of our planet. Moore's [...]

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Solving the Mystery of Dreams and Dreaming

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What are dreams? What is this strange world that exists alongside to our own, inside and outside of it, occurring at the same time? Is this a world, which is the same with the one of awareness, with the only difference of being the "eye" of consciousness that makes the one the real-world and the [...]

Simple Way to Unlock the Hidden Power of your Brain

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Possibilities of our brain are infinitely vast. If you do your own brain workout, you can get enormous opportunities and achieve success in business, career and communication. A person owes all his achievements in work, studies or society to the hard work of his brain. Brain activity is important for pupils and students, businessmen and [...]

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What Happens to Our Brain When We Break Up?

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An unwanted and unexpected separation may entail significant psychological stress. Often people parallel this feeling with a fist in the stomach or a stab in the heart. Despite the efforts, the help and support of their friendly circle, this feeling proves to be very difficult to fade away, at least in the first few months. [...]

American Physicists Proved the Existence of Dark Matter Particles

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In the United States, during the CDMS experiment with underground cryogenic detectors, for the first time scientists managed to obtain direct evidence for the existence of dark matter particles. According to the American physicists who conducted the experiment, there remains one step before the official confirmation of the discovery of dark matter particles – the [...]

Top Ten “Useless” Organs of the Human Body

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Are there really useless organs in the human body? It is unlikely that anyone would want to remove his appendix unless it starts to bother him, although it has no apparent function. Here is a list of "not quite useful" organs which nature has endowed us with. 10. Third eyelid You may not know that [...]

Born in Debt: Scientists Found a Gene Responsible for Money Management

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When we try to understand why some people have difficulties managing their financial resources, we are tempted to blame high interest rates and intemperate spending. Researchers found, however, a possible new culprit – a gene that appears to be related to debt management. Previous research has shown that genetic factors influence the way we manage [...]

Quick Sleep Technique: How to Get Enough Sleep in 5 Hours

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According to scientists, five hours of sleep at night is enough for the ordinary person to invigorate and refresh his body and mind. But, in order to get enough sleep in 4-5 hours, you need to follow a set of sleep tips. Quick sleep technique In our hectic age of high speed and fast rhythm [...]