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5 Most Interesting Scientific Paradoxes

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1. The drinker paradox This paradox is best to be reflected upon on Friday evening at a bar, which can create the appropriate mood. It is formulated as follows: “In any pub, there is someone such that if he is drinking, then everyone in the pub is drinking.” The logic is as follows: A) Let’s [...]

Teleportation as a Way of Traveling to Parallel Worlds?

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Stories about mysterious travels to parallel worlds are not uncommon. However, these reports often make us think whether these “journeys” to another world have some substance. It is interesting that for a long time, the scientists have been developing a theory of teleportation, the phenomenon when an object is moved from one place to another [...]

Longevity Depends Much on the Personality, Say Scientists

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Do you want to live a long, happy life? Not a problem! Scientists have found that longevity depends on personality and mindset of the person. You can now safely say that happiness is not a result of living longer, but living longer is a direct result of a joyful existence. So a happy life automatically [...]

Humanity Is Gradually Becoming Less Intelligent, Claim Scientists

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Scientists sound the alarm: at the end of XIX century, people were much smarter and more creative than they are now. The fault is on the natural selection, since the more intelligent the person is, the fewer children he has, and vice versa. Every new century humans become less clever and creative. This assumption was [...]

Will It Be Possible to Travel to Distant Stars One Day?

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Is it possible to get to extrasolar planetary systems faster than the speed of light? Harold White claims that it is. With his team at NASA, he manufactures a superluminal engine for interstellar travel. For example, such a vessel would arrive in just 2 weeks to the system of Alpha Centauri, which is 4 light [...]

Do Near-Death Experiences Prove That Consciousness Exists Outside the Brain?

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Resuscitation specialist Sam Parnia continues to darken already murky waters of thanatology, by offering his colleagues to carefully examine stories of people returned from the dead. In his view, which will be fully supported by any competent philosopher, these stories shed light on the nature of human consciousness. “Consciousness does not disappear at death. There is [...]

How High-Tech Revolution Can Be Detrimental to Humankind

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According to a team of philosophers, mathematicians and scientists from Oxford University, who are exploring the future of humanity, there is growing evidence that our reliance on technology can cause elimination of human race. The media is actively discussing a range of possible disasters that can destroy humanity, but the most “obvious” threats, which include [...]