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15 Unbelievable Psychiatric Syndromes You Didn’t Know About

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The nature in general and our own psyche in particular are very crafty in creating states we know little about. People constantly experience something unusual, and a lot has already been studied and named in honor of famous writers, artists, book characters, psychiatrists and other individuals. And it is not a bad idea for us, [...]

10 Ways to Improve Your Brain Function

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Thinking process is continuous. We constantly reflect and solve challenging puzzles of life. Sometimes it is necessary to help your brain speed up the cognitive processing. How to do it? Try the following tips. 1. Coffee Caffeine helps you focus on labor-intensive tasks and accelerates cognitive processes. Of course, it doesn’t mean that coffee will [...]

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10 Things That Have a Damaging Effect on the Brain

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1. Not getting enough sleep This phenomenon, familiar to anyone, is becoming a global problem. According to the WHO, over the past 100 years, people began to sleep an average of 20% less. Severe lack of sleep creates the risk that different parts of the brain move into a phase of slow wave sleep in [...]

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5 Theories about What the Aliens Might Look Like

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What kind of creatures might live on other planets? Are they similar to human life or do they have quite different unexpected forms? Learning more and more about our universe, scientists begin to speculate about what the aliens from outer space might look like. Here are some of the theories put forward by researchers about [...]

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How to Make Your Wishes Come True with the Power of Thought

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What is a wish? It is your thoughts that arise in your mind, and that can become a reality, thanks to you and that inner power that you possess. Researchers have long studied the human subconscious and made the following discovery: any thought just like a magnet attracts and transforms the outside world. And it [...]

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7 Common Mind Traps That Affect Our Thinking

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Humans are smart, granted, but we are wildly imperfect. We tend to fall into mind traps which weaken our intellect and secretly affect our decisions. The human brain is able to perform more than a thousand operations per second. This means that its power is still greater than that of any computer invented to-date. But [...]

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6 Most Mind-Boggling Theories about the Universe

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The universe is mysterious, and the more science learns about it, the more amazing it seems to be. When looking at all the theories presented here, reader can simply burst into laughter. But what could be more bizarre than something already known to us? 1. Everything we are surrounded by is the "The Matrix" Many [...]