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False Memories: Why Do We Remember Things That Never Happened?

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Everyone knows tricks our memory plays on us sometimes. Have you ever experienced the feeling of remembering images, words and events that in fact were nothing but a figment of your imagination and never took place in reality? Maybe it was a call to your friend that you were sure to have made when you [...]

Couple Invents iPhone Application for Communicating with Spirits

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A couple of ghost hunters from Indiana, U.S.A., claim to have created an application that allows people to communicate with ghosts with the help of their iPhone. Passion for the paranormal has united two people Roger Pingleton and Jill Beitz. According to the couple, they always try to visit the places where strange events happen, [...]

8 Simple Techniques to Persuade and Influence People

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1. Framing This technique is often used in politics. The most popular example of framing is the inheritance tax. Politicians opposed to this tax will call it “death tax”. The use of the word “death” instead of “inheritance” causes all kinds of unpleasant associations. Framing is a fairly unobtrusive technique, but using emotive words such [...]

Top 10 Mind-Blowing Movies One Must See

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Here is a short list of the best movies that open your mind and alter your perception of reality. 1. "Fight Club” (1999) The film was based on the book of the same name by Chuck Palahnuik. It refers to a consumer society imposed on false values, the dependence of modern man on material things. [...]

13 Phenomena That Science Has No Explanation For

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1. The Placebo Effect Isotonic saline solution is no less potent than morphine anaesthetic, if it is injected after repeated use of the drug into a patient without telling about the substitution. But after adding naloxone, which blocks the effect of morphine, to the saline solution, the anaesthetic effect disappears. Science does not know why [...]

Is Teleportation Possible and How Much Time Does It Require?

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In science fiction (such as “Star Trek”), teleportation is a usual thing. But how much time and effort is necessary to submit the data required for human teleportation? Students at the Physics Department of the University of Leicester Declan Roberts, James Nelms, Suzanne Thomas and David Starkey decided to answer this difficult question. The students [...]

9 Most Common Nightmares And Their Meaning

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Our emotions are the source of most dreams, whether nightmares or not. Both pleasant dreams and terrible nightmares are a normal everyday reality for everyone, while some of them are familiar to most of us. Here are 10 most common nightmares and their meaning. 1. Serious illness Agony of the unknown, difficulty accepting a reality. [...]