Internet Takes Away Our Real Life, Claims New Study

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The social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook may have revolutionized the way we communicate, but have also messed up our real life, new study claims. As revealed by the study of the Technology Policy Institute in Washington, with every hour spent in Internet surfing, a user “loses” about 16 minutes from work. The [...]

Top 7 Intriguing Space Mysteries With No Solid Explanation

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Outer space has always attracted and perplexed humans. Its mysteries fascinated, perturbed our imagination, and forced us to go deeper into the unknown. However, the more people studied space, the more mysteries they have come across. At the moment, scientists came up with seven major mysteries in space, the number of which can grow over [...]

Albert Einstein: Secrets of the Genius Brain Come to Light

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The name of Albert Einstein is closely connected with both the mathematics and the physics. He is characterized as a man with a bright mind who was much ahead of the time he lived. His brain is a mystery to this day and beyond its distinctive features other secrets concerning both thinking and knowledge of [...]

6 Scientifically-Based Ways to Make People Like You

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So how do you get people to like you? It’s easier than you think. Here are six tips that work, which is confirmed by a number of psychological studies: 1. Let people talk about themselves It will give them a lot of pleasure. According to the researchers, the conversation about ourselves, whether it is a [...]

5 Common Habits That Are Bad for Our Mental Health

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When talking about bad habits, usually something like smoking, sedentary lifestyle and poor diet comes to one’s mind. However, the most unhealthy habits are not related to our behavior, but to our psychological state. To be able to change these habits first it is necessary to know the impact they have on our daily lives. [...]

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7 Key Benefits of Positive Thinking

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Positive thinking is the background of the modern philosophy of living a successful and happy life. Being optimistic is often portrayed as a foundation for making your life full and happy. And really, these are not just words. There are several benefits in positive thinking which influence our health, confidence and relationships with other people. [...]

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4 Everyday Things That Can Change Your DNA

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Scientists discovered the "allergy gene" and are convinced that allergies are eventually a genetic anomaly that can mutate. Under this logic, scientific studies went on to conclude that human genes are not static. In fact, genes can and do change during the life of a person. Lifestyle and diverse environmental factors can transform and destroy [...]