How You Are Being Spied on and Manipulated on the Internet

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Internet. Maybe not every person can give a precise definition of this word, but it is safe to say that even small kids know about the existence of “magic something” where you can find a lot of things to learn. There is the exact time of birth of the Internet – October 29, 1969, when [...]

10 Most Expected Science and Technology Advances in 2014

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New Scientist magazine published a series of articles about the 10 major events that are likely to happen in the field of science and technology in the coming year. Space is getting closer In 2014, two spacecraft that will help people finally reach Mars will be tested. In September, NASA will launch spacecraft Orion, designed [...]

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Can DMT ‘Connect’ Human Brain to a Parallel Universe?

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Rick Strassman in his book «DMT: the Spirit Molecule», claims that DMT, which is one of the most powerful psychedelic drugs, can provide a reliable and regular access to the other planes of existence. In fact, they are always there and constantly transmit information. But we cannot perceive them because we are simply not designed [...]

In the Future Humans Will Live to 500 Years Old?

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Perhaps one day this will be possible, according to the latest scientific findings. U.S. researchers succeeded to increase the lifetime of worms by five times with the help of combined genetic intervention. The discovery is certainly far from its application to humans but in the first phase, as scientists claim, it can be used at [...]

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The Castle: an Impressive Test That Will Say Much about Your Personality

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Imagine that you are in front of a castle. The scenario then unfolds through the questions that follow. How easily do you take risks in life? What do you think will happen in the future and what image do you believe others have of you? Take paper and pencil, note the responses and learn more about [...]

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Déjà vu: the Games of Subconscious Mind

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Deja vu is not an illusion, it is something that you have already experienced in your unconscious fantasies. Believe if you will, or do not believe it. This was already mentioned a hundred years ago by the "great and terrible" Freud, and many subsequent studies have only confirmed his hypothesis. The phenomenon called deja vu [...]

How Long Would Life On Earth Last if the Sun Went out

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A cup of hot coffee put in refrigerator cools down instantly. Similarly, if the sun was suddenly “switched off”, which in reality is physically impossible, the Earth, compared with the surrounding space, would remain hot for several million years after that. However, the inhabitants of our planet would feel the cold much earlier. Within a [...]