5 Mistakes Our Brain Makes Every Day

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Despite the brain is the most perfect and most complex organ of the body, it seems that its work is not always… objective. This perfect machine is affected by every experience and stimulus around us. The result is that our brain makes some small, everyday “mistakes”, which are called ‘cognitive biases’ in terms of psychology. [...]

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The Case of Uri Geller: Do Psychic Abilities Like Telekinesis Really Exist?

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In the second half of 1960, American television stations had a series of programs featuring a young Israeli Uri Geller, who literally mesmerized the audience, demonstrating his paranormal ability to move metal objects using thoughts. Perhaps these old shows later inspired the Wachowski brothers to create the famous scene in "The Matrix" movie. Uri Geller [...]

Best Ways to Use Technology for Learning

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Recently, technology changed our everyday life. Almost every human habitant of the word can't leave without modern gadgets. By using gadgets - people communicate and keep in touch with their friends and relatives, they run business and learn. With the Internet and IT technologies learning process becomes easier and more fascinating. Among different kinds of [...]

Can the Power of Mind Be Stronger Than the Pain?

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It is true that drugs play a key role in the relief from pain, but in cases of chronic pain taking them may be accompanied by serious side effects. Fortunately, numerous studies have shown that there are alternative methods to treat pain, which have to do with concentration and mind power. 1. Thinking about food [...]

Astronomers Discovered Water on Dwarf Planet Ceres

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European and U.S. astronomers discovered traces of water on Ceres, a dwarf planet and the biggest and most spherical asteroid in our solar system. The water was detected in the form of water vapor columns ejected into space possibly from volcanic geysers. It is the first unambiguous detection of water on Ceres and, more generally, on [...]

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Do Intelligent Alien Civilizations Exist and How Could We Detect Them?

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Any arguments on the subject of extraterrestrial intelligence have always triggered a lot of assumptive statements. Whether they exist. Whether they are advanced. Whether they are intelligent. Whether they have reached the stage of civilization and technological progress. Whether they have been developing in the same way as we do on Earth ... One way [...]

Sleep Disorders: Is It Possible to Die from Lack of Sleep?

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Oddly enough, neither the reasons nor the evolutionary origins of sleep are known to science. From the standpoint of nature, sleep is hardly something worthwhile. If a person or animal is sleeping, his mind is ‘turned off’ for several hours. Needless to say, that in this state the chance of being eaten by predators grows [...]

Mind-Blowing Experiment That Shows How the Mind Affects the Body

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In this article I will show you a small, simple experiment that anyone can do to see with his own eyes how the mind affects the body. We all know the most famous principle of quantum physics which states that the observer affects the observed. There are thousands of books and articles on how the [...]