New Study Disproves Darwin’s Hypothesis about the Struggle for Survival

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One of the most well-known and scientifically proven Darwin’s claims states that the closer the evolutionary species are to each other, the more intense is the struggle for natural resources between them. As it turned out, this hypothesis is not true in all cases. One of the most famous Charles Darwin’s hypotheses suggests that the [...]

Human Emotions Map Shows How the Mind Affects the Body

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We often say that when we are in love we feel warmth all over our body or when we are angry the blood rushes to our head. As it turns out, these are not just words. Researchers from Finland for the first time presented the evidence that emotions are associated with a series of physiological [...]

  • How people with anxiety problems perceive the world

Top 5 Weirdest Mental Disorders Ever

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1. Walking corpse syndrome People suffering from this syndrome (also known as Cotard’s syndrome) are sure that they are dead, are putrefying or have lost a part of the body or an internal organ. In severe cases, a patient may believe that he does not exist! Walking corpse syndrome usually is the result of a [...]

The Cross: a Personality Test That Will Reveal Hidden Truths about Your Self-Perception

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Design a cross in a piece of white paper. The task is to sketch any shape, symbol or anything that comes to your mind or has some meaning for you in each part of the page in the following order: 1) left top 2) right top 3) left bottom 4) right bottom It is quite important [...]

Italian Physicists Proposed the Concept of Liquid Space-Time

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An unusual theory was offered by Italian physics: space-time may be regarded as a superfluid, in which hydrodynamic quantum processes take place. According to the theories of quantum gravity, space-time is not a continuum but a discrete matrix. On the lower level, space-time is a “quantum foam” of elementary particles sized 10-35 cm. With such [...]

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The Unexplained Phenomenon of People Who Turn Street Lights On/Off When Walking by

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Have you ever noticed strange electronic phenomena happening in your presence? Better yet, are you turning on/off street lights when you walk by? There are so many cases of unexplained phenomena, and just one story can leave you in awe. One such incident will seem almost unbelievable. A 53-year-old American housewife told this story to a researcher [...]

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5 Amazing ‘Magic’ Tricks That Demonstrate the Laws of Physics

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Can an empty wine bottle refill by itself? Is it possible to break the bottom of a bottle without making it turn into smithereens? This may sound as 'magic’, but in reality, it is nothing more than... a demonstration of the laws of physics. Here you can see some "tricks" with which you can impress [...]