Scientists Managed to Teleport Data over Three Meters with 100% Accuracy

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Dutch scientists achieved accurate teleportation of quantum information over a distance of three meters. This is a great achievement, but is still far from the famous phrase “Beam me up, Scotty!” from Star Trek where people were teleported into space. However, it is another step in this direction. […]

How To Survive When Your Life Is Shattering: Psychology Edition

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“Resilience: is defined as an individual’s ability to properly adapt to stress and adversity” Whether you’re the world’s most intelligent man, most successful woman, or most positive person in your family of friends — we all experience heart ache and adversity. But how does someone bounce back better than before, when they just watched their [...]

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Pineal Gland: the Point of Connection Between the Body and the Soul

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The pineal gland has various names such as pineal body, epiphysis cerebri, epiphysis or the third eye. This small endocrine gland is located in the vertebrate brain, between the hemispheres of two joining thalamic bodies in the center of the brain. It’s named after its shape, which is conical. It produces a hormone that is [...]

Wormholes Could Be Used to Send Information Through Time, Says British Physicist

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Until now it was thought that the tunnels in spacetime predicted by Albert Einstein cannot exist long enough to transfer light photons through them. Now, scientists have proposed a new concept of sending information through time. Dr. Luke Butcher, physicist at Cambridge University, has suggested that there may exist wormholes in space-time that remain in [...]

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Top 10 Most Common Human Fears and Phobias

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Fears and phobias are one of the most prevalent forms of mental anxiety disorders that affect people of all ages and interfere with daily life. Here are the 10 most common fears and phobias: 10. Fear of getting old This fear is quite rare in young people but rather frequent in middle-aged women and men, who [...]

The Truth and Science Behind The Amazing Intuition of Humans

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The only real valuable thing is intuition. ~Albert Einstein The intuition is without a doubt, one of the most powerful engines of the human mind, mastering it however has been a fleeting experience for mankind. Psychologists and neuroscientists alike have been researching the phenomenon that is the intuition since 1921, when Carl Jung described the [...]

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Szondi Test with Pictures That Will Reveal Your Deepest Hidden Self

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The test was designed in the 20th century by the Hungarian psychiatrist Leopold Szondi. The aim was to explore the deepest repressed impulses of a person on the basis of sympathy or aversion caused by the specific photos of psychopaths. The Szondi test is based on the general notion that the characteristics that bother us [...]