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Electrical Brain Stimulation: Shocking Ourselves into Greatness

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I heard an interesting podcast episode the other day from Radio Labs. It was called 9 volt Nirvana, and the guest Sally Adee spoke about a simulation training exercise used by DARPA. She was asked to aim, shoot, reload and continue on as a sniper for 20 minutes in this simulation game. She performed quite [...]

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Debunking Some Common Myths about Sex

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Scientists are shedding light on some of the most prevalent rumors about sex, making it clear that what we hear and read is not always true. There are plenty of rumors, inaccuracies and absurd stories about sexual performance circulating out there, especially in the Internet age. Thus, two American experts, Dr. Aaron Carroll and Dr. [...]

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Nutrition for the Mind’s Eye: Foods to Reactivate Your Pineal Gland

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The mind’s eye, scientifically known as the pineal gland, is considered to be the gateway to higher levels of consciousness. In case you weren't aware, the pineal gland is a small pine cone shaped endocrine gland in the brain that produces and secretes the hormone, melatonin. It is also believed that the pineal gland is [...]

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The Dawn of Artificial Intelligence in the Modern World

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Technology has developed through the implementation of innovative ideas to supplement outdated methods of approaching technical problems. This has played a great part in saving time, costs, and promoting the overall production in the manufacturing industries. Reflecting on the definition, it is agreeable that artificial intelligence (A.I.) is the intelligence enhanced by computer software to [...]

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Cognitive Polyphasia or Why We Contradict Ourselves

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Serge Moscovici, a French social psychologist, coined the term Cognitive Polyphasia in the 80s. Same guy behind the social representation theory (another interesting read). This seemingly innocent frame of mind is all about having contradicting thoughts and multiple frames of references to explain an event either to themselves or to other people. In other words, or [...]

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Charisma: The Science Behind How Leaders Affect You

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If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. ~John Quincy Adams Few qualities in man have shaped the history of nations as much as the great and perpetually admired virtue of charisma. From Alexander the Great who inspired and pushed his men to sweep [...]

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Is Life Simply a Computer Simulation?

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John Conway (Ph.D. Mathematician from Princeton) in the '70s developed a simple game based on a checkerboard. The rules were as follows: A single checker piece with less than two other checker pieces dies due to a lack of tribe. A single checker piece with two or three checker pieces lives on to the next generation [...]

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Greek Scientist Discovers the ‘Algorithm of Sex’

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It seems that genes play a kind of ‘game’ during sexual recombination. Now, a distinguished Greek scientist who works in the USA has found an algorithm to describe this game. Professor of computer science Christos Papadimitriou together with his colleagues of the University of California-Berkeley created an algorithm which explains sex from an evolutionary standpoint. [...]