• Brain-To-Brain communication

Direct Brain-to-Brain Communication at a Distance Proven Possible

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Are you ready for the brain-to-brain communication? Well, it seems that science is one step ahead of you. Collective intelligence is already a fact, it is real. Yes, humans can speak to each other without pen, paper or even the Internet. The interesting part about this idea is that we have been able to do [...]

  • ayahuasca guide

Ayahuasca: the No-Nonsense Guide to a Safe Experience

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Ayahuasca is an Amazonian plant mixture capable of inducing altered states of consciousness. Ayahuasca is used primarily as a medicine and as a shamanic means of communication, typically in a ceremonial session under the guidance of an experienced drinker. Here is a guide to Ayahuasca with some helpful information for those who would like to [...]

  • memory loss

Scientist Finds a Link Between Blood Type and Memory Problems

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Predicting the future can mean saving ourselves from many misfortunes. Sometimes predicting the future can tell us what we can expect and whether or not we can change these circumstances. If the future of the human condition could be predicted, then we would have the ability to stop illnesses and suffering, thus lengthening our life [...]

  • the fountain

7 Movies That Will Profoundly Change You

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Ever since cinema established itself as a form of art, countless films have been created; countless superb and strong and awe-worthy films. That is one of the reasons why the choices on this list were so exceptionally hard to make. But there are some films that touch us in a secret, intimate place, deep within [...]

  • Nakhla Meteorite life on mars

Nakhla Meteorite May Hold the Secret to Life on Mars

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Mars has held our curiosity for quite some time. Its similar size to our native planet gives hope that there may be many other similarities. Since its location and temperature also make it seem like an inhabitable planet, we have kept our focus on this astral body. So far, we have found many indications that [...]

  • brain power success

How to Boost Your Brain Power to Achieve Success

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Are you worried about personal success in your daily life activities? Worry no more! You are neurologically reinforced for the anticipated success you’ve been looking for. Just by using the power of the mind, you are capable of discovering and fulfilling your dreams. Whatever your dreams and visions of success are, you are capable of [...]

  • introvert

14 Truths about Being an Introvert (That Mainly Introverts Will Understand)

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Here are 14 things about being an introvert that can help you understand what it means to be one, or that will sound familiar if you are one yourself. In her book "Quiet: The power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking", Susan Cain illustrates how today's world has created an Extrovert culture. [...]

  • learning memory facts

5 Amazing Facts about the Psychology of Learning and Memory

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Psychological research has long been fascinated with how humans learn and retain memories. As a result of this fascination, research has revealed some amazing facts about learning and memory. Recalling Memories Changes Them This is bad news for the expert eyewitnesses. Research by Neuroscientist Daniela Schiller, has shown that the simple act of recalling a [...]