• Stephen Hawking higgs boson

Stephen Hawking: Higgs Boson Could Destroy the Universe

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It seems that Dr. Hawking has a lot to say about the scientific discovery of Higgs Boson. His statement that this discovery made physics more boring, has been followed by a rather ominous statement that this discovery in the wrong hands could prove fatal and destroy the universe. Hawking explains his statement in his new [...]

  • weirdest scientific experiments

Top 3 Scariest Experiments in the History of Science

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If, in passing, you are faced with the light conversation of the horrors of science, you aren’t that shaken. There is a sector where the boundaries of sanity are blurred, and horrors are done in the name of research, or so proclaimed. Yes, science is the craft, while death, mutilation and dissection are the tools [...]

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Computer Scans Reveal the Shocking Image of King Tut’s Real Appearance

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The name “King Tut” gives birth to images of powerful royal families of Egypt, of course it does. Tutankhamun was the last great king of his lineage before military rule took over the land, and one of the youngest rulers at that. However, the way we visualize this young king is quite different from the [...]

  • black holes do not exist

American Physicist Claims That Black Holes Do Not Exist and Are Mathematically Impossible

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The term “black hole” refers to regions in space formed when a star dies and collapses under the pressure of its own gravity to a single point in space called a singularity. The gravitational forces on a specific singularity are so intense that even the light cannot escape them, and that is why they are [...]

  • mimas

Could Saturn’s ‘Death Star’ Moon Be Another Possible Cradle for Life?

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There is a growing list of moons within our solar system, which could indeed harbor life. Although these speculations need a firm backing, they do present notable points toward the idea. Among these magnificent moons, there is one which really grabs our attention-our solar system’s “Death Star” moon, Mimas. Mimas is one of the moons [...]

  • concetta antico

Rare Condition Called Tetrachromacy Allows This Artist to See 100 Million Colors!

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Color – one of the most prominent details of the living world – is taken for granted every day. Without color, life would be dull, literally. It has always been fun to discuss color, talking about the crisp green of the tree leaves, or noticing the perfection of a solid white dove. Without the depth [...]

  • Alcubierre Warp Drive Travelling Faster Than Light

The Ultimate Paradox: Travelling Faster Than Light Without Travelling Faster Than Light

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When Albert Einstein stipulated his theories on general and special relativity, he proved that travelling with the speed of light is the absolute limit any material object could achieve. Yet, in 1994, a Mexican scientist said that travelling faster than light was possible while Einstein’s theories would still hold true. That’s the absolute paradox. Humans [...]

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This Is What The Solar System Looks Like As A Subway Map

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All road trips need directions unless, of course, you are setting out on an adventure. An adventure into space sounds lovely, doesn’t it, but let’s face it, who wants to get lost out there, huh? We need a map, don’t we! Yes, even space needs a map, especially space travel, and Ulysse Carrion has created [...]