• Remote Neural Monitoring

Remote Neural Monitoring: How They Spy on Your Thoughts

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How many times did you have thoughts that you never wanted to share with anyone and have been constantly worried at the thought of someone ever finding out about these thoughts? All of us have been through this process, and the new and improved technologies being developed around the world, supposedly to deal with crime [...]

  • Genomic Tape Recorder

MIT Scientists Find Bacterial Genomes Can Serve as Memory Recorders

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The deeper we delve into science, the more we discover about ourselves – how we work and what extraordinary characteristics dwell within us. In fact, theories and experiments have uncovered a whole new world living within our own bodies. Minds in the gut, blood types that proclaim our prevalence to certain diseases and now, bacterial genomes, [...]

  • ghost illusion

Scientists Trick Volunteers Into Believing There Is a Ghost in the Room

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If you have ever had the feeling of being watched, you are not alone. Individuals with neurological problems experience these feelings all the time, which can be easily explained by scientists. What is not easily explained is why normal people, with no record of any sort of brain disorder, could also experience this same phenomenon. Published [...]

  • Recombinant DNA controversy

The Recombinant DNA Controversy: Where Will Genetic Engineering Lead Us?

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DNA. Officially known as deoxyribonucleic acid. Also otherwise known as the building block of life. The substance that is unique to each individual and is the basis of forensics to identify culprits. For some dogmatic people, the one thing that science was never supposed to touch and experiment with. Yet, scientists have been trying for [...]

  • Stonehenge musical instrument

Is Stonehenge a Giant Musical Instrument, or an Ancient Church Bell?

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One of the most mysterious places in the world is Stonehenge. Why? Well, according to many stricken with mad curiosity, Stonehenge is much more than a passing interest – it holds the secrets of connection. Much more than that – it is said that Stonehenge is a giant musical instrument. Whether musical or some sort of [...]

  • dark matter holds the universe together

Dark Matter May Be Detected with the GPS Satellite System

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When you became lost, in years past, the only tools you had to find your way back home, were maps, a compass or maybe the memory of directions given in haste. Now, there are smartphones, online maps and even GPS systems to navigate and lead you in the right direction. In fact, the GPS system [...]

  • nikola teslas innovations

The Unrecognized Genius of Nikola Tesla: How Far Ahead Was He?

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Nikola Tesla is a name that is placed next to Einstein, Maxwell, Faraday, Leibnitz, Ohm, Ampere and all the other legendary figures of science. But does he deserve to be there, or does he deserve to be on top of them all? It was July 10, 1856, that when he first saw the light of [...]

  • pot smoking brain

Chronic Pot Smoking Shrinks the Brain But Increases Its Connectivity

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One of the most controversial topics in the world is raising new questions for society. Chronic pot smoking: is it safe or is it detrimental to the health? Well, the truth is, there are effects of smoking marijuana, other than increased appetite and euphoric states of pleasure. There are negative effects to this habit, this [...]