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5 Simple Ways to Feel Happy Every Single Day

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Happiness is a profound emotion, one without real cause or definition. Happiness is more than a state of mind; it is a constant ebb and flow, so learning how to put yourself into a happier state is crucial to living life to its fullest potential. Knowing what gives you happiness is a life-long quest that [...]

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Understanding the Basics of Particle Physics

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The laws of physics have to do with the forces and correlations between the tangible objects of our surroundings, which in physics are described as matter, and the energy emissions between these objects, which are in general described as radiation. In order to do that, we must reduce the study to the smallest possible constituents [...]

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New Year’s Resolutions: How to Make Them Better and Stick To Them

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The end of the New Year and the start of another is a great time for anyone looking to tie up some loose ends and dedicate themselves to a new task. Most people go through the ritual of telling everyone what their “New Year's Resolutions” is, and that’s great, but it can also lead to [...]

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How to Detox Your Mind: a Simple Technique That Can Be Used Anytime, Anywhere

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Detoxing the mind is a very important process. It helps to rid the mind, as well as the body of potentially deadly poisons that can bring on bad health and other negative consequences. The awesomeness of meditation is known to quiet down the “monkey mind” and can reduce depression, make mental functioning better, assist stressfulness and [...]

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Fringe Science: Atrocity or Advancement?

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If you were to look at the word “fringe” in a dictionary, you would find that one of its definitions is “the outer, marginal, or extreme part of an area, group or sphere of activity”. In science, this would mean to search for what is not commonly acceptable, away from the orthodox theories and outside [...]

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Magic Mushrooms Can Actually Rewire and Change Your Brain

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Psilocybin (the active chemical in "magic mushrooms") is, well, truly “magical.” I have discussed the benefits of psilocybin, as well as other psychedelics in some of my previous articles*, but it seems that researchers and medical professionals are discovering more and more exciting information on the topic all the time. More recently, scientists have discovered [...]

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Is War a Method of Human Population Control?

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We have often discussed that mankind is an ugly, violent, and horrendously criminal race. We have often discussed how we kill each other for pleasure or vengeance and actually without a real reason. And we have often discussed that when murders occur in small numbers it is called a crime and it’s punished by justice, [...]

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Methane on Mars: Does It Mean There Might Be Life on Red Planet?

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Mars, a planet still firmly lodged in our sights, has pulled us closer with promises of life. So, how does this planet get so much attention? It’s all about methane on Mars! Last year, science proclaimed that the discovery of substantial amounts of methane gas on the red planet was very unlikely. Now, a year [...]