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Two Exoplanets Extremely Similar to Earth Found in Goldilocks Zone

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We just keep finding them, more and more planets with similarities to Earth – two more, to be exact. Kepler 438b and Kepler 442b — both these planets rest snuggly in the so-called Goldilocks zone of their own star systems. So, what is the Goldilocks zone? The Goldilocks zone This name is given to the area of [...]

  • maintain muscles brain

New Study Suggests It Is Possible to Maintain Muscle Using Just Your Brain

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When you want to maintain muscle, one immediately thinks of having to go to the gym to keep fit. What if you could just imagine yourself doing those exercises, strain involved, and find out that you are actually succeeding? New research is revealing that our brain is much more incredible than we ever thought before. So [...]

  • resonance imaging

Can Magnetic Resonance Imaging Predict Our Future Behavior?

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When you think of the MRI machine, you probably think of a simple scan ordered during routine tests. The noninvasive brain scan, however, a form of magnetic resonance imaging, can actually be used to detect a deeper set of warning signals. Finding tumors and other serious growths within the brain is just the basics with [...]

  • Winter Experiments

Try These Way Cool Winter Experiments to Have Some Fun in Cold Days!

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Winter is here! You may not be a fan of the cold weather, and that is perfectly fine. If you are a child at heart, however, you may even know a couple of cool interesting activities. Using the temperature to your advantage can produce quite curious results. The temperature of winter offers value to the [...]

  • Super Antibiotic

New Super Antibiotic Found in Dirt Can Kill Drug-Resistant Bacteria

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Doctors have been praying for years for a new active ingredient in antibiotics that would be able to kill all the powerful and resistant bacteria like MRSA and TB. In fact, it has already been 25 years since the last antibiotic was released to the general public and, to be honest, people had started to [...]

  • Bilingual People's Brains

Bilingual People’s Brains Work in a Different, More Effective Way

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Remember when schools used to mandate learning a second language? Sometimes they would go as far as bringing in the native speaking teachers to help with the process? Well, now we are starting to understand why learning a second language is so vital. Not only does it help increase the grey matter in our brain, [...]

  • Most Effective Tips for Self-Improvement and Success

Stop Doing These 5 Things to Make the Most Out Of Your Day

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When it comes to being productive throughout your day – whether you have a day off or you are work – there are many distractions that we must battle every day. Some of the things on this list are self-explanatory, others are surprising. If you want to make the most out of your day, maybe some [...]