• PlayStation supercomputer

Scientist Built a Supercomputer from PlayStation3 Consoles!

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Research funding is running out. Yes, you heard it right, government aid is becoming increasingly hard to come by due to economic instability. We are so close to many outstanding breakthroughs in science, but unfortunately, we are strapped! So, what does one man do in order to conduct research on his own? He builds a [...]

  • gavity big bang

What Kept the Universe Stable After the Big Bang?

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We understand that the Big Bang created the universe, but how did existence remain stable after the Big Bang? This question creates other questions about why particles didn’t disintegrate after this monumental explosion. What held existence altogether? What force kept dust in certain areas, forming planets and suns in vast numbers? There are a couple of theories [...]

  • right course

How to Find Out What Career Suits You and Pick the Right Course

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The most important decision you can ever make is choosing the right career. Understanding the right profession and choosing the right area of study will help you succeed, prosper and live a happy life. However, picking the right course is one of the most complicated issues that a student will face; many things such as [...]

  • Full Moon and Human Behavior

Full Moon and Human Behavior: Do We Really Change During the Full Moon?

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As we know, the moon does have certain effects upon the earth, but just how much influence does this lunar body have? Rumor has it, the full moon produces changes in our behavior, including thoughts of suicide, depression and even arousal. The full moon has also been linked to the menstrual cycle and the most [...]

  • things that make you dumber

Top 5 Everyday Things That Are Making You Dumber

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We all believe that we are pretty smart, however, there are a few things we do every day that reduce our intelligence. While there are a number of things that contribute to this effect, here are the top five that are impacting your productivity as well. What are you guilty of? 1. Lack of Sleep [...]

  • too much worrying anxiety

Stress Does More Than We Think – Anxiety Patient Experiences Persistent Déjà Vu

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Walking around your house is a familiar thing, you can even do it with your eyes closed. Yet what if you could remember yourself walking through your house, driving or just living day to day life like you already did it? This creepy feeling is called Déjà vu and is common among humans and some [...]

  • develop patience

5 Tips on How to Develop Patience

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“He that can have patience can have what he will” ~ Benjamin Franklin. Patience is the ability of a person to tolerate things under strain or long-term difficulties. It is something very crucial to lead a happy and successful life. A conscious effort is required to develop patience. Benefits of Patience Patience develops superior morality [...]