• amazing optical illusions octavio ocampo

Surrealist Painter Octavio Ocampo Creates Amazing Optical Illusions

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Surrealist painter Octavio Ocampo is one of the most prolific artists widely known for his metamorphic painting technique. His versatile paintings provoke the viewer’s curiosity and can be interpreted in several ways when viewed from different distance or angle. Octavio Ocampo was born on February 28th, 1943 in Celaya, a city in the state of [...]

  • early earth rock

Early Earth May Have ‘Swallowed’ a Mercury-like Rock

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There are questions about why the Earth behaves in a certain manner. For instance, it’s rather strange that our planet’s magnetic field has lasted for billions of years, why? Could it be that the same materials contained in the planet Mercury, also lie within the Earth’s core? Maybe in the early years of the Earth’s [...]

  • how music can benefit your brain

Science Reveals How Music Can Benefit Your Brain

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We all love music. Sometimes all it takes is one song to completely alter our mood and prepare us for the day ahead. But how does it actually do that? What happens when our brains hear the music? Recent scientific studies reveal how music can benefit your brain and what exactly happens in different brain [...]

  • afterlife theories

What Could Possibly Await Us in the Afterlife?

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Every person, at some point in their life, asks the currently unanswerable question: "What is waiting for us after our lives have ended and our bodies have halted?" Like many of my conclusions I state in my articles, there can only be a speculative answer to this. After a lot of research, thought, and constructive [...]

  • philosophy of learning John Dewey

The Philosophy of Learning and Educational Success According to John Dewey

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Noted Philosopher, Academic, and Educator John Dewey developed a unique perspective in regards to the concepts of life and the philosophy of learning. John Dewey believed there was a strong correlation between philosophy and education. He was also a strong proponent of continual education though not always through traditional means. For anyone who is currently attaining [...]

  • unknown human species

Ancient Human Fossils Found in Laos Reveal the Existence of Unknown Human Species

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Human fossils - a jawbone and a skull - found just a few meters from Tam Pa Ling cave near Annamite Mountains in northern Laos reveal the physical diversion of early modern humans. These human fossils, whose age is estimated between 46.000-63.000 years, provide us information about this species’ migration in Southeast Asia, which happened [...]

  • find extraterrestrial life

We May Find Extraterrestrial Life within the Next 20 Years, Say NASA Scientists

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Is it finally time to meet our neighbors in the universe? According to science, the time is upon us, just lurking right around the corner. In the next 20 years, we may find extraterrestrial life, and many questions will finally be answered. What should we expect? We might not be greeted by big-head aliens or [...]

  • things about introverts others don't understand

5 Things about Introverts Other People Just Can’t Understand

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Sometimes, being the pensive introvert and preferring to spend time alone over spending time with others may mean other people just don’t understand certain things about your personality. Paying close attention to one's own thoughts, emotions and being selectively social may seem alien to others who aren’t used to an introvert's ways. Here are 5 [...]