• tame your anxiety

How to Tame Your Anxiety with These Five Steps

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When someone talks about being anxious, we often dismiss it with jitters or overthinking a situation. There are those of us who are held back, and crippled because of our anxiety. While many people will just say “stop worrying about it” we know that we cannot just stop worrying, it is a part of who [...]

  • bionic brain memory cells

Bionic Brain? Scientists Develop Memory Cells That Mimic Human Brain Processes

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True artificial intelligence is on the horizon, it seems. Human brain cells, memory cells to be exact, are being tweaked and improved to create an intelligence like never seen before. Scientists are almost there on the road to the real ‘bionic brain’. The key to artificial intelligence is the electronic long-term memory cell. This cell [...]

  • the lost city of ciudad perdida

The Lost City of Ciudad Perdida and Its Mysteries

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Ciudad Perdida is an amazing historical site and an important part of Colombia's cultural heritage. What’s the story behind this unique construction in the middle of the Colombian jungle? The erstwhile thriving civilization of Ciudad Perdida left behind a deserted city located in the world’s highest coastal mountain range, in the dense jungle of Sierra [...]

  • What is wrong with the world today

What Is Wrong with the World Today and What We Can Do about It

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Many people are looking for the answers to what is wrong with the world today. The answer could be quite simple. It is all about the worldview. It is how we see the world around us and what we, as humanity, make our top priority. If our worldview resonates with the natural order and the [...]

  • Psychedelic bad trip prevention

How to Prevent a Bad Trip: a Guide to a Safe Psychedelic Experience

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Psychedelics allow users to explore the depths of their consciousness. This article explains the steps you can take to prevent yourself from having a bad trip. Before we talk about preventing a bad trip, let's discuss what psychedelics are and why people use them. Psychoactive substances have been used for thousands of years by spiritual [...]

  • nasa interstellar space missions

NASA Wants to Launch Interstellar Space Missions in 20 Years

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The urge to explore beyond our solar system grows stronger every day. This proves true for the understanding of wormholes and time travel as well. In order to quench our thirst for the unknown, NASA will research unknown physics revolutionizing exploration of space. Unknown physics We first have to improve on our understanding of space-time, [...]

  • bermuda triangle

The Answers Behind the Myth of The Bermuda Triangle

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It has been a popular movie theme in the sixties and seventies and a major subject of research for scientists over the past years. What is eventually the truth behind the Bermuda Triangle story? The Bermuda Triangle, also known as Devil's Triangle, is an area in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean, where [...]

  • what consciousness is

Quantum Theory Explains What Consciousness Is

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For a very long time, mankind has questioned what consciousness is – whether our ability to think, our free will, is tied directly to our soul or if it's a component of the complexity of our brains. I intend to shed some light on a few theories as conceived by Susan Pocket and John McFadden. While [...]