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Microdosing: How Small Doses of Psychedelic Drugs Can Enhance Your Body and Mind

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While most people still consider psychedelics to be taboo drugs that can be harmful and addictive, the research shows that microdosing, or the intake of psychedelic substances in small doses, can actually enhance mental abilities and even have physical benefits. Small doses of psychedelics are called psycholytic doses and, not to worry, such doses do not [...]

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7 Rays of the Personality: Which Soul Type Are You?

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The Ageless Wisdom contains several foundational principles, one being that all of creation is based on seven streams or rays of energy. The energies of these rays create seven soul types that describe every human being on the planet. Which soul type do you think you fall into? 1. The Warrior (Will & Power) Warriors [...]

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8 Most Intriguing Archaeological Findings of 2015

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The current year is soon coming to an end. 2015 has offered us a handful of new and unexpected discoveries as well as newest information on existing ones. On the verge of the New Year, let's see some of the most interesting archaeological findings of 2015. 1. Skeletons of nuns discovered in Britain One of [...]

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4 Star Wars Technologies That Are Already a Reality

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The Star Wars latest movie got most of the buzz and well-deserved hype this holiday season. So we wish to introduce you to the latest tech available now that was first introduced as a vision of the future in the iconic George Lucas movies – not that long time ago. 1. Holograms Remember how cool [...]

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5 Signs You Should Trust Yourself More (and How to Do That)

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Here are five signs that you should trust yourself more – check them out to find if any of these scenarios hold true for you. If you don't trust yourself and are always driven by what others think of you, say about you and tell you what to do – then you might be in [...]

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Is Travel to the Past Practically Possible?

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The issue of travel to the past has been a topic of great interest for the scientific community as well as the fans of science fiction, yet its feasibility has equally been a topic of intensively heated debates. Before the introduction of relativity theory (RT) and quantum mechanics (QM), our common-sense view of the universe [...]

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These Incredible Psychedelic Artworks Are Created by Pouring Paint and Resin onto a Canvas

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Bruce Riley is an ingenious artist with a unique style who creates incredibly vibrant captivating psychedelic artworks by using a combination of dripped paints and resins. Riley was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States and has lived in Chicago since 1994. As a student at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, he enjoyed spending his time [...]

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Here Is Why IQ Is a Myth, According to Recent Research

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We’ve all been led to believe our intelligence can be tested by one single figure: our IQ. However, this isn’t necessarily true as there are many different types of intelligence and our actual smarts can’t be represented by one number – but three. In a recent study carried out on thousands of participants, 12 different [...]