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Is There Any Scientific Evidence Suggesting Extraterrestrial Life Exists?

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There are many old stories and myths about extraterrestrial life. This has not only been a hot issue for debate among the scientific community but has also been an attractive subject among the public. The issue that once was regarded as a secret, as well as a source of anxiety for the public, now constitutes [...]

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5 Simple Ways to Start Your Journey to Self-Improvement

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Now and again, we all like to have a little rant on how life drew us the short straw. But by doing this, has it really got us anywhere? We have all heard the saying “Good things come to those who wait,” but I disagree! Good things come to those who get off their backside [...]

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The Mystery of Recurring Numbers: What Does It Mean When You See the Same Number Everywhere?

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I once wrote an article regarding the golden ratio, or Fibonacci Sequence, which touched base on the recurrence of a specific pattern found all over the world which can be broken down to an equation that fits in various subjects, including DNA, floral patterns, natural evolution, and a variety of other things. What about other, [...]

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How to Live Mindfully in Today’s World or the Best Meditation for the 21st Century

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In order to learn how to live mindfully and meditate properly, many people jump into spiritual practices and take self-discovery journeys to the East. You can also find many alleged "gurus" who have discovered ways to adapt (in most cases simplify) spiritual teachings for the Western mind. It is wonderful that we all have an [...]

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People Who Use Swear Words Have This Major Advantage Over Those Who Don’t!

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Do you swear a lot? Is your vocabulary of swear words expansive? If so, you may have stronger general verbal skills than those who know few. Knowing a wide range of swear words has been connected to having good verbal skills, which can mean communication, language and general speaking. So those who have a more [...]

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The Illusion of Time: Physics Reveals Time Is Not Real

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According to certain theories in physics, the time is not real and is nothing but a product of our consciousness. Let's explore these theories and the concept of the illusion of time. Our daily experience, as well as our predecessors’, regards time as a flowing entity that defines what we conceive to be the past [...]

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Nine Drawings Experiment: Here Is What Happens When a Portrait Artist Takes LSD

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Have you ever heard of the nine drawings experiment? It was performed by an experimental psychiatrist and psychotherapist during his long-term research on LSD, from 1954 to 1962. Oscar Janiger, a professor at the University of California, Irvine, had his first experience with LSD in 1954. The outcome was so extraordinary, that he devoted the [...]

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4 Daily Habits That Will Give Your Brain Performance a Powerful Boost

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Just like physical exercise changes your body, some daily habits which involve mental exercise create positive changes in the makeup of your brain. It’s never too late to implement brain-boosting daily habits to improve your thinking, concentration and memory. You can get started today with these four simple techniques. Challenge Yourself with Brain Games Games [...]