• smart people are better off alone

New Study Reveals the Real Reason Why Smart People Are Better off Alone

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If you’re intelligent, you’re better off alone. At least, that’s what a recent study in the British Journal of Psychology claims. The question that evolutionary psychologists Kanazawa and Li were looking to answer is what makes a life well-lived and how intelligence, population density and friendship can affect our happiness. The psychologists theorized that the [...]

  • full timeline of the universe

Timeline of the Universe Shows the Full History and the Future of Space, Earth, Humanity and Life

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Life is but a vapor, and the universe is vast. Its history is way past ancient. The timeline of the universe is almost unfathomable. If we take a look at this timeline of the universe, we see ourselves as an equivalent of only a few seconds. Can you imagine the true scope of this? There [...]

  • natural energy healer signs

17 Signs You Are a Natural Energy Healer (Without Even Realizing It)

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Generally speaking, an energy healer is a person who uses holistic approaches to assist people in becoming naturally healthy individuals they are supposed to be. While many institutes are offering energy healing certification courses of Touch Therapy, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Color Therapy, etc., there are some people who possess the traits of an energy healer [...]

  • indigo adults

How to Transcend the Ego and Become a Free Spirit

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More and more people feel confused, experience intense mental spiralling, emotional breakouts and physical pain and dysfunctions. The world we once knew all of a sudden is out of joint and we are doubting and questioning if the life we live is really all there is. “What is going on here and how do [...]

  • two brain hemispheres

How the Two Brain Hemispheres Determine Who You Are

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The two brain hemispheres are just one example of nature's duality, which is often manifested as one balanced whole. This “whole” consists of opposite characteristics that, in all cases, form a perfect unity. The driver of our natural function, the source of our thoughts, our brain is made of two very different parts. The two [...]

  • deep space objects binary stars

5 Weirdest Deep Space Objects You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

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The deep space is filled with cosmic wonders, many of which can't be explained. The following deep space wonders defy common logic and inspire scientists as they peer into the fathomless universe. 1. Bizarre Mass of Objects Orbiting Star A strange pattern of light found orbiting star KIC 8462852 Discovered in 2009 by the Kepler [...]

  • signs narcissist

5 Signs You May Be a Narcissist Without Even Knowing It

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We’ve all heard the term narcissist and we all know it is mainly associated with a negative meaning. But what does being a narcissist actually mean? Well, according to the Psychologist’s manual DSM-V, there are nine criteria for having Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), but you only need to have five out of the nine traits [...]

  • repeating radio signals

Scientists Detect Repeating Radio Signals Coming from the Same Location Outside Our Galaxy

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I don’t believe the Earth is the only parasitic rock in the universe. Although it seems we are lone bugs on one of many orbs in the dark, there are indicators which could prove the opposite. Are we alone? One of the most interesting hints that we are not alone in the universe is the [...]