• be rational goals

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Necessarily Be Rational in Order to Achieve Your Goals

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When it comes to planning, the traditional reasoning argued that you have to be rational in order to achieve your goals. So, even people who had a natural inclination towards an intuitive approach had to force themselves to be rational, no matter what. But the truth is both approaches have their merits. Let’s start by [...]

  • Hollow Earth

Hollow Earth Conspiracy: Controversial Theory Suggests Our Planet Is Hollow and Habitable Within

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So you’ve heard about the flat earth theory? Of course, you have, who hasn’t. Well tell me, have you heard about the hollow earth conspiracy? According to a wide audience, the earth could, indeed, be hollow on the inside. It’s true, beneath what we’ve known, and further, than we have drilled, there could be a [...]

  • psychological age signs

10 Signs That Your Psychological Age Is Greater Than Your Chronological Age

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Have you ever felt that your psychological age may exceed your chronological age? People are often drawn to those who seem ‘wise beyond their years.’ There is something majestic about old souls who were seemingly born with a wealth of life experience. It’s normal to turn to such people for advice or solace, believing they [...]

  • true purpose in life

5 Tell Tale Signs That You Aren’t Living Your True Purpose in Life

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Are you feeling that you're far away from your true purpose in life? It seems like lately we get so caught up in or jobs that we just don’t give ourselves the time to really pursue our real dreams. We are so focused on our careers and progressing that our passions get pushed aside and [...]

  • Sarcasm (n.)- the ability to insult idiots without them realizing it.

6 Reasons Why Sarcasm Is a Real Superpower

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Sarcasm – the ability to insult idiots without them realizing it. Sarcasm is a popular form of satire in today’s culture, and we practically live off it. But what if I told you that there are some key reasons that sarcasm can be one of the greatest superpowers we humans possess? Read on to learn [...]

  • You don’t have to be positive all the time

Why It’s Okay to Feel Sad Sometimes and How You Can Benefit from Sadness

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We all feel sad from time to time. But did you know that sadness can actually be beneficial in some ways? We all experience sadness sometimes, occasionally it is because a life-changing tragedy has occurred but often it is because of a less significant upset or for no apparent reason at all. Either way, we [...]

  • Workplace of the future

Here’s What the Workplace of the Future Will Look Like

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Have you ever imagined how the workplace of the future will be? If you were asked to describe your workplace, how would you go about doing so? Do you work in an office? What does your work area look like — do you have an actual office, a cubicle, an open workspace designed for collaboration? [...]

  • people with anxiety personal space

People with Anxiety Need More Personal Space Than Everybody Else, Studies Show

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People with anxiety seem to need more personal space, even more so than everybody else. Do you have anxiety? Well, you may have noticed that you need lots of personal space. Let me approach this with an example of what your personal space is and represents with your safety. For example, personal space is sometimes [...]