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The Art of Reading People: Understanding Body Language Like a Book

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Reading people is about recognizing the signs and understanding the body language. Fans of the TV show, Lie To Me, may already be familiar with body language as portrayed by Tim Roth and a cast of Hollywood actors. The truth is, body language is not fiction at all. It's real and provable and very, very [...]

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The Fallacy of High Self Esteem: Why Feeling Good about Yourself Is Not Always Good for You

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High self-esteem, especially in the modern culture, is not a purely good thing as you might believe. A lot of things have to change. Take a ride in a glass elevator, from ground level to rooftop in a single ride. How do you feel? If you’re like most people, you feel – no surprise here [...]

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Good Communication Between Two People Can Literally Lead to Mind Melding, Study Finds

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We have all heard that good communication is the key to relationships, but scientists have recently found surprising evidence to show why this is true. Studies have shown that when two people communicate with each other, the activity in their brains synchronizes. The scientists showed that when two people talk, they really can be on [...]

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Why It’s Easier to Make Decisions for Others Than for Yourself

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It is much easier to make decisions for others than to follow the advice we give out so readily. Science reveals the real reason why. But why is it so easy to make decisions for others and yet so exhausting when we try to make good choices ourselves? It seems contradictory that we are able [...]

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Why Striving for Meaning in Life Is More Important Than Striving for Happiness

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Having a sense of purpose and meaning in life increases your happiness levels, studies reveal. If I look along my bookshelf, I notice a lot of volumes with the word ‘happy’ in the title. The study of happiness has boomed recently with books, webinars and courses designed to help us find this elusive emotion. However, [...]

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6 Weird Super Abilities You Didn’t Know Your Body Had

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Did you know that your body has some incredible super abilities? You may be amazed to find out how many freaky super abilities your body actually has. All of the below things can be done by just about anyone – and they’re all very weird. 1. Predict the weather That’s right – your body can [...]

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That Little Voice in Your Head: The Difference Between Logic, Intuition, Spiritual Guide and Ego

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What is that little voice in your head that tells you what to do: logic, intuition, ego or spiritual guidance? There are often situations when we make decisions using either our past experience, reason or heart's voice. Generally speaking, all situations should be resolved following a logical path, but life can give us complex situations [...]

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3 Reasons Why People with High IQ Levels Fail Socially (and How to Overcome Them)

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There are many kinds of intelligence, but some people with high IQ levels seem to struggle more with social situations. However, learning to be socially adept is a skill, just like any other, and so can be learned. There are three common reasons why people with high IQ levels struggle with social situations. They tend [...]