• Paranormal Phenomena

7 Paranormal Phenomena That Have Scientific Explanation

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If you believe in paranormal phenomena, you might have doubts after reading this! Most symptoms of a haunting can be dispelled with scientific proof! In 2005, approximately 35% of society believed in ghosts. In 2013, those numbers climbed to 47%! Do you believe in ghosts? Well, I suppose I do, at least I did before [...]

  • outgoing introvert struggles

12 Struggles Only an Outgoing Introvert Will Understand

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How can there be such a thing as an outgoing introvert? That’s absurd, right? Introversion and extroversion are terms popularized by Carl Jung to describe the different ways in which people direct their attention. Introverted people focus their attention inward toward inner stimuli, whereas extroverted people are more focused on the outer world and its [...]

  • signs of intelligence

4 Unusual Signs Of Intelligence That Show You Might Be Smarter Than Average

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If you think you are smart, you might want to take an IQ test to prove it. However, science has recently discovered a few rather unusual signs of intelligence that you probably haven’t even considered. These 4 unusual signs of intelligence are... 1. You're politically liberal. Smart people tend to be socially liberal in their [...]

  • types of depression

4 Types of Depression Revealed from Over a Thousand Brain Scans

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There are not 1, but 4 types of depression ranging from insomnia to anxiety. Results were revealed through 1,100 brain scans. “I am depressed. It’s just a long-term bout of sadness which may or may not pass. It’s a simple disease, really, one which is known for its incredibly dark nature - the symptoms are [...]

  • Smart women scare men away

Study Reveals Why Smart Women Scare Men Away

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Smart women are the ultimate women. They are intelligent, confident and completely independent. Therefore, smart women must be every man’s dream, right? Wrong! A new scientific study from The Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin suggests that this is only true on some occasions, primarily when the woman in question is simply an abstract thought of [...]

  • rainbow children

Who Are the Rainbow Children and How to Recognize If Your Kid Is One of Them

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Rainbow children are the third generation of special children that have incarnated on this earth to help humanity heal and evolve. Rainbow children started incarnating around the year 2000, though some were born earlier than that and came as scouts. This means many of them are now in their teens and beginning to have an [...]

  • stardust

We Are Made of Stardust, and Science Has Proven It!

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We aren’t just foreign muscle and tissue, we are filled with the cosmos, and one with the universe! Our entire being is made of stardust! As a child, I wanted to be a robot. I can’t remember much about why, but I do remember that I didn’t like my skin because it was soft and [...]

  • poor social skills highly intelligent

10 Reasons Why Highly Intelligent People Have Poor Social Skills

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Do you suspect that you're more intelligent than most people, while others assume that you're dumb or slow because of a lack of social skills? It can be really frustrating when people think there's something deficient about you because you're not as glib and superficially quick-witted as they are. You're not alone. Highly intelligent people [...]