• how to deal with a narcissist

How to Deal with a Narcissist and Protect Yourself from Their Manipulation

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When you are unfortunate to have a narcissist in your life, learning to deal with them is one of the hardest ordeals in life. It takes a certain skill learned from life experiences. Alright you guys, it’s time, once again, to tackle the daunting subject of the toxic individual. Yeah, I know you’re not that [...]

  • infj careers

INFJ Careers: What Jobs Are the Best for the Rarest Personality Type?

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Let’s explore the most suitable careers for people with an INFJ personality type. These people are gentle, affectionate and have very sharp and complex intuition. They are artistic and creative people who live in a world full of hidden meanings and possibilities. Only 1% of the population falls into this kind of personality, making them [...]

  • emotional blockage

7 Signs You Have an Emotional Blockage That Prevents You from Being Happy

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We form an emotional blockage when we don’t express our emotions in a healthy way. Could you be blocking your emotions to an extent that it makes you unhappy? Healthy emotions, expressed freely and without barriers, are the key to a healthy body and mind. What this means is that when we feel an emotion, [...]

  • interesting things to talk about

7 Interesting Things to Talk about to Connect with People on a Deeper Level

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For many of us, superficial conversations are unbearable. So, here are a few interesting things to talk about that can help you make a deeper connection with other people. Many of us were told we should never discuss politics or religion in polite society. But if we want to make a deeper connection with someone, [...]

  • how to stop obsessive thoughts

How to Stop Obsessive Thoughts from Ruining Your Life

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If you often have obsessive thoughts, you probably want to know how to stop them and take control of your life. It takes willpower and a few other tricks! Okay, it's not easy to make obsessive thoughts stop ruining your life. For years, I’ve struggled with these irritating little habits myself. I constantly worried about [...]

  • technology anxiety symptoms

How Technology Fuels Anxiety Symptoms in the Modern World (Infographic)

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Anxiety symptoms have never been so common before. Among the factors that cause anxiety disorders, technology plays a huge role. It’s a tech-savvy world, one cannot deny that. And has technology become an integral part of our lives? Has it taken over basic functions and very comfortably made its place in our day-to-day pattern [...]

  • seasonal affective disorder symptoms

19 Seasonal Affective Disorder Symptoms That May Explain Your Mood in Winter

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Seasonal affective disorder symptoms are estimated to affect around 20% of people in the US. Could you be among them? Life naturally seems to slow down in winter, with certain animals bedding in for the harsh months, only stirring when spring has arrived. But we are human beings and cannot simply sleep our way through [...]

  • How to Stop Procrastinating

How to Stop Procrastinating with These 12 Science-Backed Hacks

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Procrastination can sabotage our goals, destroy our confidence and cause stress. Luckily, there are techniques that can help us stop procrastinating and get things done. The proverb 'procrastination is the thief of time' is unfortunately only too true for many of us. We know that procrastination can cause us stress and ultimately sabotage our dreams [...]