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  • sense of humor

This Is What Your Sense of Humor Reveals about Your Personality

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Sigmund Freud famously once said: “A cigar may just be a cigar, but a joke is never just a joke.” He implied that there are several different types of sense of humor and that somehow they were related to our personalities. This could be true. I mean look at any dating site profile and you [...]

  • how to make friends introvert

How to Make Friends with Like-Minded People While Being an Introvert

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Are you an introvert or empath who finds it hard to socialize and make friends? Reaching out to others is a significant challenge for those who are introverted, and their difficulties may seem trivial. But they aren't. Introverts just need to make friends with like-minded people. The good news in that they have many avenues [...]

  • interesting words

15 Interesting Words That Could Change the Way You Think

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Language lets us communicate with each other and share our ideas. Some linguists even suggest that language shapes our knowledge and thought. So, expanding or vocabulary by learning new, interesting words can help us communicate better and have more ideas. The average English speaking knows around 12,000 -25,000 words, yet the Oxford English Dictionary contains [...]

  • the power of positive thinking

How to Master The Power of Positive Thinking with These Science-Based Hacks

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The power of positive thinking can be an amazing ability. Our thoughts can create and they can destroy, so why not use them for good! As human beings, we downplay the power of positive thinking. This is mainly because we have to witness trauma and heartbreak on a regular basis. Honestly, it seems like negativity [...]

  • therapy dogs for depression

7 Ways Therapy Dogs for Depression Can Help You Deal with the Illness

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Did you know that there are therapy dogs for depression and anxiety that can make it easier for you to deal with the symptoms of these disorders? Various studies have concluded that people with mental health problems, like depression and anxiety, are at an increased risk of developing chronic medical conditions. On average, Americans with [...]

  • emotionally abusive mother

You Were Raised by an Emotionally Abusive Mother If You Relate to These 6 Things

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It stands to reason that if you grew up in a loving family environment, you’re likely to be a well-balanced individual. But if you had an emotionally abusive mother, what would the signs be? Before we list the signs of an emotionally abusive mother, let's talk about the different types of maternal attachment. It wasn’t [...]

  • deep questions to ask

21 Deep Questions to Ask to Get to Know Someone’s True Personality

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How do you get to know someone’s true personality? It would seem weird to ask a relative stranger about their values and beliefs. Luckily, the following questions are good conversation starters that reveal more than you might think. Read on to find some great deep questions to ask someone to get to know them better. [...]

  • fun brain exercises

12 Fun Brain Exercises That Will Make You Smarter

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Reading and doing research is not the only way to improve your intelligence. Many brain exercises can actually make you smarter as well. I always got mad at IQ tests because the harder I tried, the lower my results would be. So, I would study relentlessly and read books in hopes to improve my score. Little [...]