It’s not uncommon for people to feel unfulfilled in their vocational path. In many cases, these individuals thirst for careers that stimulate thought and promote spiritual well-being.

If you are considering an occupational change of this nature, then you’re in luck. Here are three careers that will expand your consciousness:

1. Acting

Acting is a wonderful career to pursue if you’re interested in developing a deeper awareness of the human existence. This is because actors are required to embody the characteristics of a wide range of people.

Within the span of a year or less, an actor could be called upon to play the role of a banker, homeless man, lawyer, helpless romantic, millionaire, and talk-show host.

Successfully playing these roles requires the acquisition of abstract knowledge regarding each lifestyle, as well as the learned ability to embody characteristics associated with each character type.

2. Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is a great career field to pursue if you’re interested in learning more about the world around you. Put simply, radiation therapy is a process that involves the use of high-energy wave particles to damage or destroy cancer cells.

Some of the waves used for this process include protons, electron beams, gamma rays, and X-rays. Radiation therapy is also referred to as X-ray therapy, irradiation, and radiotherapy.

Pursuing a career as a radiation therapist will expose you to a wide range of important and fascinating subjects, including human health, wellness technology, and the nature of disease. This career field can also deepen your capacity to experience empathy for others.

3. Content Writing

As numerous studies have revealed, many people are dissatisfied with their current career. In many cases, this dissatisfaction results from an inability to explore aspects of life that the person finds intriguing. If this is your dilemma, then you may want to consider the value of becoming a content writer.

As Internet use becomes increasingly prevalent, more and more people are going online to do research on specific topics. For this reason, content writing is in high demand.

Content writers produce work for numerous types of websites, including social networks, blogs, e-commerce sites, and college Web pages. The wide range of websites that are in need of content gives individuals the ability to explore subjects in which they are personally interested.

Some of the topics that you can write Web articles and blog posts about include:

  • Health;
  • Fitness;
  • Beauty;
  • Environmentalism;
  • Fashion;
  • Economics;
  • Business;
  • Politics;
  • Philosophy;
  • Spirituality;
  • Literature;
  • And many more.

Writing content about any of these subjects will inevitably result in an expansion of your consciousness regarding that topic.

If you find that your current occupation does not provide you with the intellectual stimulation you desire, it may be time to consider a career switch.

If consciousness expansion is your goal, then the aforementioned vocational paths can provide you with the ability to study and explore numerous facets of existence. In so doing, you will likely attain the sense of personal fulfillment and professional growth you’ve been seeking.

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  1. elisabeth

    Interesting article!

    I spent much of my youth years acting (though never for money) and I can agree that it is mind-expanding.

    As for content writing, any tips on how to get started in that avenue? Sounds like a dream job 🙂

  2. Robert

    Hello, this may be of help:
    Start with your own journal , writing every day ; when you feel an inspired thought ( I call it my T.E.A. thoughts entering awareness ) then let your pen flow ( or device such as laptop or tablet ) , see the patterns emerge, then write these into content to offer wherever it can be of use. ” act as if ” , acting your writing expressions to change topics , radiate this outwardly , you will see opportunities open , as you will already have content writing skills.
    Sharing this that it can be of use.

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