happinessEveryone knows that money cannot buy happiness, but often we begin to think that we will be happier if we have more money. We seek to become rich (even when we know that not every rich person is happy) and want to make more money, because then we think we will have a good life.

But this does not bring us happiness. Does it really matter how much money we earn or have in the bank, how expensive clothes we wear or car we drive, if all this does not make us really happier? The sad thing is that often we need decades to pass in the pursuit of wealth and luxury items in order to understand it.

So what brings us happiness? These are three simple things that cost nothing. This has been proven by numerous surveys which involved hundreds of thousands of people and included questions about what they have, what their life is like, and how happy they are.

So, here are three main secrets to happiness:

1. Positive thinking

I’m a big supporter of positive thinking as one of the greatest ways to achieve one’s goals, but as it turns out, it is also a way to happiness. Self-esteem and optimism are some of the most common qualities of people who live a happy life. Happy people are confident because they can control their lives, and always have a positive attitude.

Make positive thinking a habit. Get used to ignoring negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones. Maybe, it sounds very corny, but it always works!

2. Happy relationship

We all need to have close people in our lives. Close friendship, happy marriage or warm relations with family members make us much more susceptible to happiness. Take some time today or tomorrow to be with your loved ones and tell them what they mean to you.

3. Staying in the flow

This is a very popular concept nowadays – a state in which we are immersed in work or in performing tasks. We are so immersed in the activity we are doing that we lose ourselves in this flow. Having a job or leisure activities that bring you into this state will almost certainly make you feel happy.

People have a good time not when they are passive and have nothing to think about, but when they are involved in a process that requires active participation. Find a job that you truly enjoy. Find a hobby, turn off the TV, go outside and do something that you love doing.

Now you have three main secrets to happiness. Do not miss them.


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