Have you ever wondered if your mind is normal (i.e. average) or somehow different? Here are 3 lateral thinking puzzles. The answers are published below, but do not go immediately to read them! Think up your own answers first.



Here is the story of a young girl. At her mother’s funeral, she saw an unknown young man. He was charming, really the man of her dreams. She madly fell in love with him. After a couple of days, the young girl killed her own sister…

Question: What motive did she have to do it?


Take at most 10 seconds to do this test, otherwise, it will not work.

Find how many ‘f’s there are in the following text:

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +





+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +


Do the following reasoning exercise, answering the questions one by one, without going to the next question if you have not answered the previous yet.

It is not necessary to write your answers.

How much is:

15 + 6 =

3 + 56 =

89 + 2 =

12 + 53 =

75 + 26 =

25 + 52 =

63 + 32 =

Yes, these are a bit more difficult but the exercise is really worth doing, so be patient:

123 + 5 =

Now think of a tool and a color!



She hoped that the young man would appear again at the funeral.

Explanation: If you gave the correct answer, you probably think like a psychopath.

The test was developed and used by a famous American psychologist to determine whether a person has a murderous mentality. Several criminals who did the test correctly answered the question.

If you did not give the correct answer, it is good for you! If someone of your friends found it, keep away from him! 🙂


How many ‘f’s did you find? Three?

It is wrong, there are six!

If you don’t believe me, go above and count them again!

Explanation: The mind cannot process the ‘OFs’. Awesome huh?

Anyone who manages to find six ‘f’s is a genius, those who find four or five are really rare, three – are normal… Less than three – change your glasses! 🙂


Did you think of a “red hammer”?

It is the answer given by 98% of people who did this exercise.

If you thought of something else, then you probably are one of the 2% of the people whose mind and thinking are quite different.

Did you solve these lateral thinking puzzles?

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the power of misfits

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  1. Missymortiis

    1- I thought the sister hired the guy to kill the mother for insurance reasons, so she found out and killed her sister in rage. (I have a nonexistent relationship with my scumbag of an apparent ‘sister’)
    2- only 3!
    3- I thought of wrench + purple. In my head though the wrench is very rusty and it’s actually orange. The purple was just a separate colour that came to mind. (Too much half-life on opposing Force growing up? And purple is one of my least favourite colour.)

  2. Huriyyah

    Wow. OK. I thought the girl was Schizophrenic.
    2) I GOT 6. Am I a genius?
    3) I thought screwdriver and red…

  3. J

    1. She had a brief affair with her unknown father, and soon after had an abortion.
    2. I found six, but only because I anticipated trickery.
    3. Hammer, Brown

  4. Alyssa

    1. if the man was at the mom’s funeral, he was obviously a friend of the family, so if her sister died, she knew he would likely be at the funeral, and she could see him again.

  5. Simon

    1) I thought the young man was the sister’s beau.
    2) I saw 3
    3) I thought of a silver monkey wrench?

  6. Thea

    Uhh I thought her sister may be pretty and she wanted to keep the boy for herself or something
    I found 6 😀 Am I really a genius because of that?
    Well I thought of a green hammer… half different then?

  7. Dr Nilesh Jaiswal

    1) I thought of Insurance reasons
    2) My answer was 0. Because the answer asked was of “Small f” and all F are in Capital
    3) Cyan Hammer

  8. Ginny

    1. I had heard that theory already before about a year ago :/ I don’t remember what my answer was.
    2. I counted 3. I’m a failure!
    3. Purple hammer.
    Wow, I’m basic (;

  9. SirIntro

    1. I got three D:

    2. I thought maybe it’s his sister’s husband…?

    3. Wrench Orange

  10. Girlinstars

    1. I found all six
    2. I thought the guy was the sisters boyfriend or husband. (You know, crime of passion or whatever.)
    3. Yellow Hammer

  11. dandelion

    I thought he was from the funeral home- she killed her sister to get to go back with a reasonable pretense.


    Blue Hoe.

  12. Anna

    According to this I am a genius psychopath that thinks like about 2% of the population…

  13. toast

    why did she not just talk to the guy in the first place

  14. Zelda

    I thought there were 7 f’s O.o

  15. David

    My favorite part is how none of these are actually lateral thinking puzzles. And the last one isn’t a puzzle at all.

    1. Maisie

      I got the first and I am a sycopath like my sister and two of my brothers. Six f’s. I though of a orange hatchet. Because I like hatchets and the color silver. I know I said orange.

  16. not a Psychopath

    I thought the girls were twins and her sister slept with the man

  17. Rahma

    I actually thought of hammer :0 *gasp**gasp*
    But yellow…

  18. Val

    purple screwdriver 😀

  19. Shi

    yellow hammer

  20. willow

    i thought of a grey saw…

  21. Scott

    I thought blue hammer

  22. Anna

    I thought of orange hammer….but I also got the first one right…haha

  23. Achilles

    I put the first one down as jelousy. second i got right. Purple drill

  24. BaxieBoy

    I said jealousy; only got 3 F’s, and got blue hammer.

  25. D S

    1. I got the 1st one and thought it was quite obvious! Who knew I was so vicious?! 😉
    2. I guessed 4 – pretty rare huh?
    3. red hammer – exactly what I had in mind!

    So apparently I’m a rare psychopath who’s pretty much like 98% of the people who did this! 😉

  26. Lin

    I thought she found out that her sister killed their mother and reacted in rage/vengeance, only found three f’s, and thought of blue staplegun of all things.

  27. leonor

    1. Self-defense 😉
    2. 4 f’s
    3. Black Calculator

  28. Dais

    I thought at first that the guy had turned out to be the sisters bf or that she and her sister might’ve been twins but then i quickly changed my mind and apparently now I think like a psychopath lol I got 3 f’s, and thought of a red hammer. This is surprising but then again most of the ppl doing the tests got the same answers.

  29. LiL

    Jealousy, 3Fs, Pink Crochet hook.

  30. Tiffany

    Well at least now I know I’m not a sociopath haha

  31. shannon

    I thought the sister mustve killed the mother. I came up with 5 F’s, silver plyers with blue handles.

  32. toya

    1. Because she killed the mom.
    2. 3 f’s
    3. Green shovel

  33. Bennet

    1. I got the first question right.
    2. 6 Fs.
    3. A golden spade.

  34. aiw

    1. I had heard that one before, so I already knew the answer. I’m not a psychopath, I’m just well-read. 😉
    2. 6Fs.
    3. Pink screwdriver.

  35. jarelis Rodriguez

    I thought she killer her sister to date her boyfriend lol.. and I got the right amount of F’s. 😀

  36. Karen

    I thought the sister had a sex change operation and the other didn’t recognize her and then when she realized the situation, killed her. I know, messed up thinking. The other answers were 6 and blue wrench.

    1. iris

      I think blue wrench should replace red hammer because I thought of that as well!

  37. Lauren

    Amazing story yet interesting one thank you for posting

  38. Tara

    1. I too said it was because she may have killed the mother.
    2. I answered zero, because, the question asks how may “f”s there are….. and there are no lower case “f”s
    at all.
    3. I came up with hammer but the color was purple.

  39. Andrea

    I saw 3 F’s and thought of a Blue Paintbrush…..

  40. Ammar

    – she found that her sister killed her mother
    – 4 Fs
    – Object : Pen , Color : red

  41. iris

    1. Because she killed the mother too?
    2. 3 F’s 🙁
    3. Blue wrench

  42. Fred

    The last one blew my mind, I was thinking of a red hammer. 😮

  43. James

    I don’t understand why the math problems make you think of a red hammer…?

    That’s creepy.

  44. sreeni reddy

    1st answer was correct,
    2nd answer i got all 6,
    3rd answer i said a blue anchor

    genius yes psychopath no although i guess any1 could if pushed far enough

  45. Farrah

    I thought the girl killed the sister to see the boy again because he was the mortician or something…
    I got the answer to the second one right.
    Blue Wrench. Idk, I guess psychology says I’m more creative than I am, haha.

  46. alliecat214

    1. I said motives were separate from her and the man bc of lack of information.
    2. I said 6
    3. I said blue shears (scissors) it didn’t say what type of tools and shears are tools for cosmetologist.

  47. Kamala

    I got the right amount of Fs…:)

  48. Bren

    Guy was her sisters husband
    3 F’s
    Green spade

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  50. Billy

    1)I said motive could not be determined by the given evidence.

    2) I was even consciously looking for “of” and only counted 4 the first time.

    3) My tool was a saw, and my color was turquoise.

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