Have you ever wondered if your mind is normal (i.e. average) or somehow different? Here are 3 lateral thinking puzzles. The answers are published below, but do not go immediately to read them! Think up your own answers first.



Here is the story of a young girl. At her mother’s funeral, she saw an unknown young man. He was charming, really the man of her dreams. She madly fell in love with him. After a couple of days, the young girl killed her own sister…

Question: What motive did she have to do it?


Take at most 10 seconds to do this test, otherwise, it will not work.

Find how many ‘f’s there are in the following text:

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +





+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +


Do the following reasoning exercise, answering the questions one by one, without going to the next question if you have not answered the previous yet.

It is not necessary to write your answers.

How much is:

15 + 6 =

3 + 56 =

89 + 2 =

12 + 53 =

75 + 26 =

25 + 52 =

63 + 32 =

Yes, these are a bit more difficult but the exercise is really worth doing, so be patient:

123 + 5 =

Now think of a tool and a color!



She hoped that the young man would appear again at the funeral.

Explanation: If you gave the correct answer, you probably think like a psychopath.

The test was developed and used by a famous American psychologist to determine whether a person has a murderous mentality. Several criminals who did the test correctly answered the question.

If you did not give the correct answer, it is good for you! If someone of your friends found it, keep away from him! 🙂


How many ‘f’s did you find? Three?

It is wrong, there are six!

If you don’t believe me, go above and count them again!

Explanation: The mind cannot process the ‘OFs’. Awesome huh?

Anyone who manages to find six ‘f’s is a genius, those who find four or five are really rare, three – are normal… Less than three – change your glasses! 🙂


Did you think of a “red hammer”?

It is the answer given by 98% of people who did this exercise.

If you thought of something else, then you probably are one of the 2% of the people whose mind and thinking are quite different.

Did you solve these lateral thinking puzzles?

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  1. Cody Ahn

    My answers:
    1. The man was death, and she knew he’d only come back if one died again… I did not expect me finding an answer would raise the chances of me being a psychopath >_<
    2. 6F's
    3. I did first think of a Red Hammer/Screwdriver (the two came together) but I felt the urge to think of a different tool in the event that it would be normal. So I chose a silver wrench.

    This test was very interesting!

  2. Imran Ahmad Sajid

    Test 1: I thought he was her sister’s boyfriend or so.
    Test 2: 5fs… opss.. the rarest.
    Test 3: A Red Painting Brush… what does it make me now?

  3. Avianti Babayan

    #1) One of the few times I’m happy I got a answer wrong.
    #2) I counted 5
    #3) Red Wrench… But why?…

  4. Avianti Babayan

    Wow, it took me 3 minutes to find the 6th “f” weird…

  5. Tim Greenhow

    On Question 2: I suggest it’s more a matter of how good readers read, rather than the mind being unable to process “oF” as stated. I have used similar tests before and found that poor readers and readers for whom English is still a difficult second or third language, get it right every time – they read by individual letter, not by word, as good English speaking readers do. A good reader knowing the language well does not even need the middle letters of a word to be correct or in the right order to be able to read a sentence.

  6. Sunder Singh

    Please explain the Test 3.
    I thought of Red Sword and Red Hammer, but picked up Red Sword. But please email me the explanation for this Test. Everything you have on it. (Though i could find it) But please email me. 🙂

  7. Hunaptra

    A 1.) Sister’s boyfriend
    A 2.) 3
    A 3.) Red wrench
    Conclusion: I’m a weird averagely intelligent individual who probably isn’t a psychopath. Well that’s wonderful.

  8. JeSuisSouris

    1. She figured out her sister killed her mom from the dude.
    2. I got 5. I missed the first “of”
    3. Blue screwdriver

  9. ML

    Couldn’t figure the first test, got all 6 on second ( with these type of tests I always read backwards ) and yes red hammer

  10. A. Sahai

    1. Boyfriend
    2. 4 F’s
    3. Green and Excel(Is Excel not considered a tool?)

  11. Bethany

    1. I thought the guy told her to do it.

    2. I found 4 of them.

    3. I though of orange hammer. Got in close with that one…

  12. jimpa

    There are no “f’s” at all. There ARE, however a number of “F’s”.

  13. Charles Stephen

    I am a psychopath, 3’f’s, Orange screwdriver 🙁

  14. Shane

    1. Thought the boy ended up falling for the sister thus giving the young girl a motive.
    2. 5
    3. Red Hammer

    Very interesting. I hope to find more tests like this in the future!

  15. Hei Shi

    1) I am a psycopath?
    2) Got all 6 first try
    3) I thought “a wrench” and the color green, not the two together though.

    Maybe since I am the “2%” who thinks differently since I did not get a red hammer and got all 6 “F”s, there is something off about my thinking.

    But I don’t think I’m a psycopath 🙁

    1. Amy

      My answers were the same as yours ‘exactly’. And my thoughts as well…a psychopath?
      But to find humor in it…there’s someone else that thinks like I do…hmm lol

  16. Crete

    The red hammer concept is just a mental image association exploit.
    The math section is just a misdirection/distraction gimmick before the abrupt instruction: “Now think of a tool and a color!”(with the “tool & color” part written in italics to promote urgency).
    98% of people will most likely think of “red” on the spot, being that it’s a sort of primary/default reference that we learn for the concept of colors at a young age, with most other colors coming after with the associative value of “not red”, somewhat. I’m sure that could be explained better. Lol, but it’s a similar concept with the “tool = hammer” part as well.
    The math portion, therefore, is just meaningless filler with the sole purpose of giving your mind an activity to be jarred away from by the blindsiding final question.
    Hope that made sense as far as my attempt to explain it. Lol

  17. Anna

    1. She wanted to see him again
    2. 5Fs
    3. Yellow scissors


  18. Yup Heck

    1. Her sister slept with the man
    2.3 f’s (I am a fast reader usually so its not strange for me to miss something like that)
    3. Blue shovel, no idea where that came from

  19. zaki

    why redhamer
    me grenn pen

  20. Chris Cali

    1. This is a case of a mistaken identity. The young girl’s sister had an identical twin that lived with her. The girl started an intimate relationship with the man. One day, the identical twin was mistaken for the young girl and the man made love to her. He was too charming for her to resist. The young girl walks in on her sister and the man in the act. She is struck with grief over losing her mother and the jealousy of losing her love to her sister. They had always been fiercely competitive. This pushes her over the top and she murders them both in a jealous fit of rage. I watch too much anime. :p

    2. 6. This is not a good method to describe the behavior of a genius. It indicates a level of attention to the language composition. As a computer programmer, syntax and grammar matter to me. I notice these things easily.

    3. The math was easy. Orange Laptop – a tool is device held in your hand that can carry out a particular purpose. Orange – because I wanted it to be bright and happy.

  21. Steve

    Long lost twin sister’s boyfriend?
    Blue hammer

    1. Joseph

      Interesting, those were all my exact guesses.

  22. rick roman

    i thought of a purple chainsaw

    1. Lana Teery

      Cool! I had a Blue chainsaw!!!

  23. sefat

    I thought her sister married that man…
    I found 7 F’s..!
    Red spade

    1. ymaont

      What’s the proof???!!!

    2. ymaont

      If you found 7 then I found a perfect 10. lol!!!

  24. john

    1. knew the answer b/c i heard it in school

    2. it’s not hard to count. 6

    3. grey saw?

    what bogus inferences

  25. DumB Diddly

    1. I figured the young girl was a psycho and probably killed her mother, too.
    2. 4
    3. Green spanner

  26. DumB Diddly

    1. I figured the young girl was just a straight up psycho and probably killed her mom, too.

    2. 4

    3. Green spanner

  27. Paul Heitmeyer

    The short story made it seem that she and the boy were together, not that she didn’t seem him again, so to me the answer made no sense.

    I read the paragraph for F’s backwards and got them all. Blue Drill.

  28. Rochelle

    I assumed the sister was the one who brought so she had to knock her off to see him again


    pink screw-driver

    1. Rochelle

      brought him*

  29. Tina Harrison

    First one; to see the man again. Second one; 4 f`s. Third one; red hacksaw.

  30. kvb

    There were no ‘f’s in the entire sentence because they were all ‘F’s. At least that was my immediate impression.

    1. G3M1NI

      I thought the exact same thing! LOL heard the 1st one. I don’t even TRY to do math this late so I skipped to the tool & color and thought red strap-on. Lol

  31. Sychh

    Red paintbrush

  32. yash savla

    Thought the sister killed her the mother ?

  33. Bill

    Hahaha, this is really cool, I showed someone this and they thought the sister was the mother.

    That doesn’t really make sense to me but it’s pretty cool.

  34. Meg

    1. The other sister is much prettier and the handsome man like her.
    2. 6
    3. red and the icon tool in setting (I don’t know what it’s called)

  35. Jessica

    Oh no I answered correctly on number one but I had to think about it for awhile. I noticed that there was death involved in the girl meeting the boy so I kinda just followed that train of thought. I’m smart, not a murderer. Not fair!

    1. Cool J

      Who thinks about killing another person just for personal gain?

      Stay away from me, Jessica! :)))

  36. Kobe

    To see the man,6, green chainsaw.

  37. Liam

    Got the first one right.
    I said 18 F’s, if you think about it there is an F in every ‘E’
    Blue rill was my last answerr

  38. rae

    the sister was talking to the man


    pink wrench

  39. Tina

    I thought of silver chrome metallic hammer so what does that mean?

  40. Jimbob

    Totally guessed that she wanted to see the man again.


    And a brown wrench for some reason

  41. Ben

    I prefer my answer to question 1: The “Young man” was at the mothers funeral because he was her lover and the father of her child. He and his daughter did what he does and what she was heritably inclined to do, and she became pregnant. When she discovered the truth she had a late term abortion, “killing” her “sister”

  42. Liz

    1. I was stumped and didn’t know.
    2. I guessed 4
    3. I said blue wrench

  43. Kyle

    K the first one I was like whatever then, that’s cool, but for the second two what the actual f*** lol

  44. egg

    well for the first question, i’ve already seen it so obviously i got the correct answer

    second i got 3 as expected

    third i said “yellow hammer” bc i originally thought of “silver hammer” and i was like, “they’re gonna expect me to say that so screw it!!! i’m going yellow!”

  45. Harrison

    Purple garden rake. and i figured the woman never met her real father and he showed up to the mothers funeral, she not knowing who he was falls in love with him and he’s sick and got her pregnant and a few days later she realized what happened so she aborted the thing. This was test was lame! who can’t see the ‘f’s??

  46. marcia

    For the first one I figured the young man was her sister’s husband. She was estranged from her sister and so she had never met the man before the funeral. She killed her sister so she could be with the young man. Seemed like the only obvious answer to me.

    I’ve seen the second one before, so I got that right away.

    Yeah, I got a red hammer. Why is that? Can anyone explain it? I’d like to say that math makes me angry and want to hit something, but I know that’s not the case for everyone.

  47. Katelyn J.S.

    1.) i assumed that she killed her sister so that her guy wouldn’t be tempted to want her – out of jealousy- or she found out they were dating so she killed her sister so she could be with him.
    2.) i found 5 F’s at first
    3.) Hammer, Blue
    i’m borderline genius lol

  48. Richard

    For #1 I thought maybe the guy had fallen in love with the girl’s twin sister, so she killed her twin and was hoping to dupe the guy into having her instead?

  49. Rashmit Mishra

    Well I’m a Psychopath for the first one

    the second one I guessed five

    the third one I thought blue duct tape

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