Everyone knows what deja vu is, but not everyone has heard about more specific types of deja vu such as deja vecu, deja senti, or deja visite.

First of all, what is called “deja vu” is not, in reality, deja vu, but only a type of it.

According to psychologist Arthur Funkhouser, there are three types of deja vu experiences:

  • deja vecu
  • deja senti
  • deja visite

1. Deja vecu

Deja vecu can be translated from French as “I have already experienced this”. You will be surprised to know that most often than not, when a person speaks of deja vu, in reality, he or she means deja vecu. Of course, such a confusion of these two terms is understandable but completely wrong.

But what exactly is a deja vecu experience? Firstly, it involves much more than simple visual stimuli, that is why its association with the term deja vu, which means “I have already seen this”, is wrong. This feeling contains much more detail and information, and the person experiencing it feels like everything is exactly as it was in the past.

2. Deja senti

A deja senti experience has to do exclusively with human emotion, and is translated as “I have already felt this”.

Deja senti

Unlike the other two types of deja vu, deja senti does not include the shade of paranormal and is something completely natural. After all, everyone has repeatedly experienced similar emotional states. Of particular interest is the fact that many epileptic patients often experience deja senti, something that can help in the research of the other two types of deja vu experiences.

3. Deja visite

Finally, deja visite is a more specific and probably the rarest and weirdest type of deja vu: it is the paradoxical feeling that we know a place we have never visited before.

Deja visite

An example of this type of deja vu is when you know the exact way to get to your destination in a city you are visiting for the first time. So you feel like you’ve already been there even though it’s not the case and your knowledge of the city’s streets just doesn’t make sense.

Though this experience occurs very rarely, several theories have been suggested as an explanation of the phenomenon: from out-of-body experiences and reincarnation to simple logical explanations. Those who believe in reincarnation tend to think that deja visite stems from the experiences a person had in their past lives.

The phenomenon has been studied by Carl Jung and was described in his paper On synchronicity in 1952.

What is the difference between deja vecu and deja visite?

deja vecu types of deja vu

The essential difference between the experience of deja vecu and deja visite is that in the first, the dominant role is played by emotion, while the second has to do mainly with geographical and spatial dimensions.

The most common and interesting case of deja vu is deja vecu, which is confirmed by a number of studies and experiments that have been devoted to explaining the phenomenon.


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  1. karla ann kirkpatrick

    this is true awhile back I had a chi tea for the first time I started to drink it and I somehow had this before it tasted it knowing this was my first time drinking that how do you explain this it has puzzled me for quite sometime

  2. Meghan

    When i was little from i’d say age 3-10 i had 3 particular dreams over and over…one was of a bedroom. It was fancy. Had a big wooden dresser with a giant mirror on top that had ornate edging. There were all these fancy perfume bottles. Some knocked over. It had a big bed and a closet with sliding doors. I dreamed of this room so many times. My mother cleaned houses and i went with her one day. The owner of the home’s bedroom was The exact bedroom i dreamed of for years. After that, i never dreamed it again.

  3. Oghma Gem

    When I was a child, I had a book about strange phenomena like déjà vu. One situation described, the one I can’t remember the name of, was this: You are waiting in a house for someone(s) to arrive. You hear sounds of movement, voices, doors opening and closing. You run down or out to meet and greet them, but no one is there and nothing is disturbed. You are puzzled, disbelieving. “But I heard…!” A short time later, you hear exactly the same things again, sound for sound. They are really there this time! I would think that this would be called “already heard” or “heard before”, but déjà entendu does not seem to have the definition of this. I would dearly love info on this phenomenon, the name of it or the book which described it.

  4. Marc

    So yeah there should be more forms of deja vu named like when you like your sure deja vu is real when you always can activate dejavu at the moment you’d like and also see visions clairvoyant, clair sentient and clairaudiently to match your movements before it gets altered (Deja Clair aka reincarnative state of dejá vu) or when you get a vision of deja vu that you know is going to happen and you know before several times (in vision) and several days before it occurs (Dejá foresight aka clairvoyancy) deja vu for remembering when you/someone death (Dejá Cadavé) or knowing something about a situation or someone before they tell you it or before it happens (Dejá Comprensí aka a premonition)

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